The Markthal market: These residents don’t have far to travel to go to market

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The Markthal market hall in Rotterdam is home not only to a newly designed market hall, but also apartments which look down onto the market, so residents don’t have far to travel to stock up their cupboards.


[Image Source: MVRDV]

The law changed in Rotterdam and this meant that fish and meat markets had to be covered so as to meet hygiene rules. The Markthal market underwent a transformation so as to meet the requirements and now the market is set under a gigantic arch filled with apartments that allow residents to look down onto the market.


[Image Source: MVRDV]

The Markthal market was designed by MVRDC and it was designed to make the most out of the space with mixed uses. The main use was to cover the meat and fish market, this takes up 120 meters of space underneath an arch of 40 meters. The huge archway houses 96 food stalls selling fresh food along with shops for other commercial goods. There is a parking lot with enough room for 1,200 cars underneath and in total the building has 95, 000 square meters of floor space and is 70 metres in width.


[Image Source: MVRDV]

At either end of the archway is a transparent single glazed net façade that encloses the market and its stall, while at the same time giving the illusion that the arch is open at both of the ends. The whole of the inside of the archway has been painted with a wall mural with the name of Cornucopia and it was painted by Iris Roskam and Arno Coene. It shows various types of market produce in oversized images and Pixar software was used to render the image so as to get the level of sharpness desired.



[Image Source: MVRDV]

The archway offers 228 apartments of different sizes, from 80 to 300 square meters. They either overlook the river Maas or Laurens Church, or they look inward onto the market. Those at the top of the arch come with parts of the glass flooring looking straight down into the market area.







[Image Source: MVRDV]


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