The Massage Shagger will be Your New Guilty Pleasure

Shelby Rogers

This handheld massager looks to be the most relaxing tool on the market. The OTO Massage Shagger can 'awaken your body with pleasure' by stimulating and oxygenating body tissues.

lifestyle1[Image courtesy of OTO]

Each massager gets handcrafted from three types of wood: ashwood, walnut and wenge. The bunny ear design led to the device's supporters being affectionately dubbed "honeybunnies" and "bunnies."

oto[Image courtesy of OTO]

A bit of sensuality is inherent with personal massage devices. But OTO's Massage Shagger includes the not-so-subtle undertones in their instructional guides. It advertises recommended moves like The Belly Butterfly, Blessings from Behind, and the Casual Handjob. The device applies pressure evenly on the skin, stimulating body tissue. It also doesn't have the weird humming of most battery-powered massagers.

Blatant innuendo aside, the device seems to offer relief to those who've tested the product. Two-time Olympic skier Dasha Gaiazova Atkins gave the device high praise:

"It takes only 5-10 min to use it and it's a lot more effective than it looks! It might look like a very simple tool, but it really works great with a right amount of pressure. I love it and use it after every workout."

oto_walnut_side[Image courtesy of OTO]

How the Shagger Came to Be

Nace and Inja, founders of the Massage Shagger, said the idea came from needing an escape from daily stresses. The couple escaped to the Croatian coastline and drove around, discussing how they used to live like "bunnies."

"Jump around, make love, make friends, party, make love, eat a little, jump a little & make some new friends...embracing all of life's little-big secrets."

The couple then encountered a "man bear," a large man who advised them to enjoy life a bit more. The man's name, Oto, became the namesake for the product Inja and Nace hope can reinvigorate others.

lifestyle2[Image courtesy of OTO]

For a minimum $25 pledge, you can get your own OTO Massage Shagger, and the company says it will ship to you before Christmas. $45 will get you two OTO massagers in the Bunny Lover savings, Christmas delivery guaranteed.

To get a more specific understanding of exactly how OTO works, check out the video below:

Via OTO on Kickstarter

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