The New iOS 11 Update Is Killing Apps And Your iPhone's Battery

It seems that with every new Apple update comes an array of issues, the new iOS 11 is no different. Multiple users are reporting a significant drain on their battery power.
Danielle  De La Bastide

The iOS 11 update may come with a range of interesting new upgrades, but it is reportedly killing iPhone batteries all over. The problem is, it's already been installed on more than a quarter of existing iOS devices.

Among its many features, slower performance and battery life issues have been plaguing the new software update as well as the destruction of multiple older 32-bit apps with a single update. To be fair, iOS 7 introduced support for 64-bit apps in 2013, so there has been time to say goodbye. However, many just aren’t ready.

The New iOS 11 Update Is Killing Apps And Your iPhone's Battery
Source: Tinh tế Photo/Wikimedia Commons

Currently, there are more than three million iOS apps available on the brand new App Store redesign. It’s likely that will all these updates, Apple is weeding out the worst of its bunch by making older apps many Apple users know and love, obsolete. This means that iOS 11 could leave about 527,000 apps out in the cold.

Users can see which of their apps are no longer available by opening the Settings app and going to General > About > Applications. You’ll be shown a list of which apps on your iPhone or iPad are gone.

Apps such as the Tetris, Reckless Racing, Flappy Bird and more have been left unusable. Tapping on them will garner no response.

Battery Problems

Battery-wise there is a bigger problem, battery life for iOS 11 users is decaying twice as fast as those running iOS 10. Though no issues have been reported from iPhone 8 users, it’s only occurring with those upgrading their older models.

Wandera reports that iOS iPhones can be used for 240 minutes on average before the battery dies. Meanwhile, iPhones running iOS 11 last just 96 minutes on average - a massive 60% decline.

The New iOS 11 Update Is Killing Apps And Your iPhone's Battery
Source: Wandera

BGR has suggested a few ways to fix the problem. They propose buying an external battery or charging case to alleviate the problem of power. Specific 6S models may actually qualify for a battery replacement; this is after Apple began offering free replacements for faulty iPhone 6Ss last year.


“Apple has determined that a very small number of iPhone 6s devices may unexpectedly shut down,” the company wrote on its website at the time. “This is not a safety issue and only affects devices within a limited serial number range that were manufactured between September and October 2015.”

BGR also suggest tweaking your iPhone a bit in the settings by using Lowe Power Mode, lowering screen brightness and utilizing auto lock more than usual. Disabling features like Background App Refresh and Location services is another way to save battery life.

No statement has been released from Apple about how it plans to alleviate the new iOS 11 issues. Until the problem can be fixed, Apple owners can do nothing but improvise and wait for iOS 11.1 or iOS 11.0.

Via: Gizmodo, Forbes

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