The Ripsaw EV3 F4 Is The World's Fastest Dual-Tracked Commercial Vehicle

A floating cockpit and air-spring suspension system allows for a surprisingly smooth ride through rough terrains.
Chris Young

Built by Howe & Howe and powered by a 6.6-liter Duramax turbodiesel engine, the Ripsaw EV3 F4 is a $500,000 dollar machine. The 1,500 hp dual-track machine was built for four passengers to travel off-road and pretty much wherever they like.

As a 2019 AutoWeek report points out, the vehicle features a FLIR (forward-looking infrared) M625cs camera, a pop-up spotlight, and multiple light bars, meaning it can traverse rough terrain at night.

The Ripsaw reaches speeds of up to 60 mph (96 km/h), making it the world's fastest dual-tracked vehicle. The machine's heavy-duty rubber tracks allow the vehicle to hit steep slopes and deal with muddy, sandy, and snowy terrain. An exoskeleton frame makes it incredibly robust and its four-seater floating cockpit and air-spring suspension system mean that passengers won't be in for a completely rough ride. Last month, Howe & Howe released footage (featured below) showcasing the F4 tearing through the mud.

A 'rocketship with tracks'

The EV3 F4's rough exterior makes the Ripsaw's interior all the more surprising. High-end features such as a heated steering wheel, top-of-the-range stereo equipment, and a dual iPad dash. 

The EV3 F4's predecessor, the F1 was described as a "rocketship with tracks" by Howe & Howe, and also, rather disparagingly, as "the most obnoxious vehicle alive." That vehicle was also a 1,500 hp beast, though it had a single-seater cabin. In 2018, The Grand Tour sent Richard Hammond out to test drive Howe & Howe's two-seater EV2 model. Howe & Howe has also partnered with Textron Systems to bring combat versions of the Ripsaw to the battlefield, where it could clearly give operatives a strong advantage over rough terrains. We know we definitely wouldn't want to be attempting to make an escape only to see one of those things churning up a cloud of sand off in the distance.

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