The SL-Tainer is the smart self-docking shipping container

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All shipping containers are huge, bulky and heavy and require the use of a forklift truck and in some cases a crane to lift them and place them on flatbed trucks. This isn't very efficient, but a new shipping container has been designed with the name of the SL-Tainer and it is able to prop itself up to the height of truck loading via integrated legs.


[Image Source: Excalibur Systems]

The SL-Tainer is made by Excalibur Systems and all that’s needed for the container to create ground clearance is a push of a button. This means a forklift truck or crane isn't needed as the flatbed trailer can simply move into place and dock onto the container. It also means that expensive equipment isn't needed which saves money and there is no need to have to pay out for a licensed operator for a crane or forklift truck.

The SL-Tainer differs from the self-lifting systems on the market already as there is no additional set-up needed as the legs are a part of the container. The container has a self-levelling system and this makes sure that it rises up balanced. There is no training needed to operate it as it just needs the press of a single button to make it rise and again for lowering the container back down. It works via a 9kW motor and two speed hydraulic power pack along with having hydraulic jacks built in at the four corners. It is also offered with wired and wireless remote controls.

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[Image Source: Excalibur Systems]

The shipping container can be unloaded or loaded in as little as 15 minutes and the cost of fuel is just $1.50. Another advantage to the self-lifting mechanism is that the container can be unloaded and loaded even when there are overhead obstructions.

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