The stunning BeoSound Moment gathers your music in one place

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The BeoSound Moment is a stunning dedicated music controller that consolidates all of your music in one place. The technology comes from Bang & Olufsen and it allows you to access not only music on smart phones, tablets and computers, but also music services that you have stored on a home network, through DNLA and Bluetooth.

beosound-moment-3[Image Source: Bang & Olufsen]

The unit is able to control all play back for any tracks from the unified interface of the BeoSound Moment and sound is then piped through the speakers of your audio system. The system comes with a hub and what looks like a small tablet, with connectors including RCA line-in, Power Link sockets and Ethernet port. The tablet is able to connect to these wirelessly.

beosound-moment-2[Image Source: Bang & Olufsen]

The tablet part of the BeoSound Moment has a touchscreen display of 7 inches offering 1280 x 800 resolution and features a milled touch wheel, similar to that of the iPod Classic, only bigger. The back of the system is covered in a stunning oak panel that has been designed to respond to touch. This allows you to dock it and have either side facing out.

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beosound-moment-1[Image Source: Bang & Olufsen]

The onboard sound processor has support for FLAC along with ALAC file formats, MP3, ACC and WMA. It also has its own built in management for bass and this can filter low frequency music automatically so as to get the most output for the speaker system you are using. Along with the typical navigation you would expect on the touch display there is also a mood wheel. This allows the user to choose music based on their mood. A PatenPlay feature will adapt and learn from the types of music chosen by the user and will make automatic playlists based on the history of the type of music.

The BeoSound Moment is to be offered for sale towards the end of January with a price tag of $2, 795

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