The world's 'most durable' E-motor runs continuously at over 90% peak output

It can also work without any magnets.
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A render of the new E-motorMAHLE

German automotive parts manufacturer MAHLE announced a "superior continuous torque" (SCT) motor that it says is the "most durable electric motor" ever, a press statement reveals.

The company reveals the ground-breaking new motor is capable of running at over 90 percent of its peak output non-stop without overheating. It also works without any magnets.

Meet the SCT: The world's most durable e-motor

Electric motors are often given separate peak and continuous power ratings. This is due to the fact that they can overheat and damage components when running on peak output for too long. Typically, E-motors contain thermal limiting systems that reduce power output at the first signs of overheating.

Now, MAHLE, which unveiled a new magnet-free and maintenance-free E-motor last year, has developed an even newer E-motor that ups the ante when it comes to continuous power output.

The world's 'most durable' E-motor runs continuously at over 90% peak output
The SCT motor in question. Source: MAHLE

The company says its SCT motor has a continuous power rating of over 90 percent peak power. To do this, it uses a novel oil cooling system that guides oil through a central intake. The motor then uses the centrifugal force generated by the spinning rotor to pump that oil around the surrounding stator coils. The heat is extracted out through a radiator, and it can also be harvested for use elsewhere in an electric vehicle if required.

MAHLE says its cooling system allowed for a very compact, light, and efficient electric motor. It says the STC motor is capable of continuously maintaining a high-power output that would typically require a much larger motor.

Making 'electric vehicles unrestricted for everyday use'

As a point of reference, MAHLE says its motor is capable of hauling a large electric truck up steep mountain passes or performing multiple sprints on race tracks without overheating.

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"Building large electric motors that deliver short-term high performance is easy. What was still lacking on the market until now were durable yet compact drives to make electric vehicles unrestricted for everyday use," Martin Berger, Vice President Corporate Research and Advanced Engineering at MAHLE explained in the company's statement. "Our new SCT E-motor is the solution," he added.

It's worth noting that the SCT motor prototype unveiled by MAHLE uses neodymium magnets. However, the company says that, in principle, the novel concept will also work well in its magnet-free motor designs. It's a development that could further serve to reduce the reliance of automakers on rare earth metals. 

The SCT motor will be presented to the public at the IAA Transporation event in Hanover, Germany in September. The new design could vastly improve electric vehicle efficiency. The compact size of STC means that it will also be cheaper as it will require fewer materials for manufacturing. It will also weigh less, allowing for higher load capacities and higher power-to-weight ratios allowing EV sports cars to tear up the race track.

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