The world's thinnest skyscraper, 1,428 feet tall, is finally complete in New York

It's the tallest residential skyscraper in the West.
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111 West 57th Street towering on Central Park.111 West 57th Street

The construction of the world’s thinnest supertall skyscraper 111 West 57th, also known as the Steinway Tower, is complete. 

Steinway Tower is also the second tallest skyscraper in the Western Hemisphere with a height of 1,428 feet, after Central Park Tower at 1,550 feet. Skyscrapers taller than 984 feet are defined as supertall skyscrapers. 

The Steinway Tower, which has 84 stories and accommodates a total of 60 residences, was Inspired by "the golden age of the Manhattan skyscraper."

The building also has an 82-foot swimming pool and other luxury amenities such as a fitness center with a terrace and a private dining room.

Located in Midtown Manhattan, New York City, the skyscraper was designed by New York architecture firm SHoP Architects. Originally announced in 2013, the structure was built by JDS Development, Property Markets Group, and Spruce Capital Partners. They began construction in 2014. 

"Any preconceived notions that our team had about skyscrapers of New York City developments were replaced with an opportunity to do something that had never been done before," Gregg Pasquarelli, principal at SHoP Architects, told Dezeen. "As New Yorkers, we are incredibly proud to add a new icon to our skyline.

To support the weight of the thinnest skyscraper, with a height to width ratio of 24:1, it had to be built with the highest strength concrete in the world. Its mandated setbacks give the building a feathered profile rather than a stepped one, with finials made from the authentic material terra-cotta that appear to change color and texture when seen in different lights and from different angles. Blocks of sequentially varying profiles of terra-cotta were modeled, extruded, glazed, and then stacked into an involuted pattern, like a softly breaking wave.

“The superstructure completion of 111 West 57th Street is a major construction milestone,” JDS Development’s Michael Stern and Property Markets Group’s Kevin Maloney told YIMBY in a joint statement. “We are so proud of the design and construction of this building and are thrilled to share it with New Yorkers as it begins to fully come to fruition, including the imminent installation of the decorative crown, marking the official top off. This building was made by New Yorkers through and through, and that’s very exciting to us.”

The prices of the apartments in the skyscraper are not as unassuming as the building itself. They range from $7.75 million for a studio apartment to $66 million for the penthouse.

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