There Was a Real Transformer Toy at CES 2020

The toy sells for $500.
Loukia Papadopoulos

Transformers are known for their amazing ability to go from car to robot and back in an instant. Now, they have finally made a toy that does the robot justice.


Presented at CES 2020, the Robosen T9 is a real transformer that comes to life. Plus, it works on voice commands.

If you saw it "transform," it will proceed to turn into a car and then back into a robot and even do some push-ups. This is because it has several voice commands.

It also has 22 programmable servo motors, and you can program new movements with a few different interfaces on a tablet or phone. You can control it through a joystick and a few buttons.

It is also compatible with the popular kid-friendly Scratch visual programming language. Its website calls it a "real intelligent transforming robot."

It also indicates that it has 22 joints to allow versatile movement and multiple servo motors for steady walking. The website also boasts that it is made of high-quality aeronautical material. 

It also has a built-in camera and remote control so users can video chat with their families. The only downfall?

Getting your hands on one of these toys will cost you $500. It costs $500 at Amazon and $550 at Banggood. 

Initially, its Kickstarter campaign indicated the price would be around $400, but now the company is sticking to the $500 price range. The good news is that later this year it will be available at some retail stores.

Another disadvantage is that in car mode, it doesn't really look like a car. It looks more like a robot that has been transformed into a car.

Still, nothing is perfect, and regardless of these flaws, this transformer is still a pretty cool toy.

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