There Was a Robot on the Raid to Kill ISIS Leader, Claims Trump

However, no one seems to corroborate his story.
Loukia Papadopoulos

On Sunday, United States President Donald Trump revealed this during a live news conference: the leader of the terrorist group ISIS, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, was killed in a two-hour raid.

And, that there was a robot involved in the incident. 


A military robot

Among the many details that the president gave on the mission, perhaps the most interesting was that there was a military robot along for the ride. Trump mentioned this robot several times during his live briefing.

“We actually had a robot to go in the tunnel but we didn’t get it because we were tracking (al-Baghdadi) very closely,” he said. “But we had a robot just in case because we were afraid he had a suicide vest on and if you get close to him and he blows it up, you’re going to die. He had a very powerful suicide vest."

A journalist even asked Trump if the robot had followed the ISIS leader in the tunnel where he eventually killed himself, to which the president replied: “the robot was set to but we didn’t hook it up because we were too — they were moving too fast. We were moving fast.”

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The only problem is that so far no one else involved in the raid has confirmed this story. Even Trump's official written statement makes no mention of the robot.

A drone?

So, was there really a robot? It is hard to tell. Some have speculated that it may have been a drone and that the president was simply confused.

Meanwhile, U.S. officials reported to NBC News that some of Trump's statements were "inaccurate."

In fact, the channel reported that the officials cringed as Trump spilled sensitive details about the raid. 

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