These Form Goggles Will Revolutionize Competitive Swimming

Displaying split times, speed, stroke counts, distance, and much more, these are the goggles of the future.
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For swimmers, keeping track of your stroke counts, your speed, and the number of lengths you've completed is tricky.

There are some wearable watches out there that track all this useful information for you, but that requires looking down at your wrist -- something swimmers don't have the time to do when swimming quick, successive laps. 

So, what's the answer? Form goggles, of course. 


What are Form goggles?

Form is a company that has exclusively focused on creating these monitoring and tracking goggles for competitive swimmers. 

A lot of thought, time, and energy has gone into creating these swanky, yet useful goggles. 

Having tried and tested the goggles out on serious swimmers, the team of experts can confidently say that the goggles won't get in the way of swimmers' performance. 

The main issue was creating something that didn't bulk down the swimmer. By having extra weight and tools on the goggles, the team had to ensure these would not hinder the performance in any way. 

And indeed, they don't! 

With only two little buttons on the side of the goggles, the swimmer simply needs to strap on the goggles and start swimming. 

The statistics are then displayed directly in the line of vision of the swimmer, enabling them to speed up or slow down depending on the length and time of their swim.

Swimmers need to keep track of their time, their distance, and sometimes their strokes in order to do well in a race or when they are training. These Form goggles enable them to gauge their performance while they swim, and not have to look at their stats on a watch afterward, for example. 

These Form Goggles Will Revolutionize Competitive Swimming
Display on the Form goggles. Source: Form

The goggles are made for long durability, so they won't wear out easily. And, that's a good thing -- one pair costs $200. That's not a huge price; however, given a regular pair costs around $30 and up, and has none of the features of these unique Form goggles.

Given all the extra information and technology behind the Form googles, it sounds like they're worth every penny.

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