These Robot Servants Will Be Waiting on You Soon

From room deliveries to singing birthday songs, these cutting-edge servants will be at your service.
Deena Theresa

Intelligent machines have begun their march on labor by expanding their skills and moving up the corporate ladder. They may not be ready to take over the world just yet but are now available at your beck and call to work in tandem.

Earlier, we had reported on seven robot cleaners that assist you in keeping your living space clean. A company cofounded at the University of Waterloo’s flagship tech startup incubator also introduced the first robot capable of performing intramuscular injections

Now, Pudu Robotics, the global leader in commercial service robots, unveiled seven such commercial service robots at its booth at the ongoing CES 2022. The array of charming robots has added intrigue to the event with its superior human-robot interaction capabilities, innovative design languages, and multi-modal interaction.

Programmed to do it

The latest lineup of robots includes the Afra C1 cleaning robot, which made its international debut at the event. Afra C1, a four-in-one cleaning robot, is designed to ensure consistent efficiency and higher cleaning quality in a variety of settings that include office buildings, residences, supermarkets, public transportation, hospitals, factories, and more.

Bellabot, the company's latest generation of premium food delivery robots, is also available for demonstration. Bellabot holds the title of Pudu Robotics' most popular product in its catering and delivery series. It boasts superior human-robot interaction capabilities, an innovative bionic design language, cute modeling, multi-modal interaction, and other functions to deliver an unprecedented food delivery robot experience. Sakura Japanese Restaurant in Manchester employs BellaBot to deliver food within the venue. 

Pudu Robotics has also presented Kettybot, a smart delivery and reception robot with an ad display. With AI voice interaction, task automation, multi-functional delivery modes, and automatic recharge features, KettyBot is a marketing expert on wheels that doubles as an advertising service and a greeting and welcome service. KettyBot has already begun its service at Mekong Asian Cuisine, a restaurant in Ottawa, Canada, where it delivers dishes to patrons at their table and sings the birthday song.

At your service

The other robots on display include the PuduBot, Pudu Robotics' initial intelligent delivery robot; HolaBot, a delivery robot with pager and notification features; and FlashBot, a cutting-edge building delivery robot that can take the elevator to provide safe and reliable room delivery.

According to a press release by Pudu Robotics, ever since the launch of PuduBot, it has been named Best of the Best in the Red Dot Design Awards 2017 and sparked a new trend for food delivery robot design with its simple and sleek appearance. Meanwhile, the HolaBot enables better service efficiency with its call notification function, intelligent delivery, remote pager feature, high carrying capacity, and voice command module.

Pudu Robotics' commercial service robots can fundamentally change and enhance experiences in various sectors. By harnessing technologies such as low-speed automated driving, all-electric drive, and autonomous motion control, Pudu Robotics is currently at the forefront for the large-scale commercial rollout of service robots around the globe.

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