Thin Bookmark Turns Into a Light When Pinched

Trevor English

BOOKMARK light use[Image Source: Kyouei Design]

If you are a bookworm or find yourself reading at night, you probably know how important having a good book light can be to reading. Other book lights aren't necessarily bad, but you never see one and go, "that is awesome." Well, a new bookmark, aptly named, "Bookmark," from Kyouei Designs has a printed circuit inside along with LEDs that light up when you pinch the bookmark ends together.

held together light[Image Source: Kyouei Design]

The bookmark is printed on a transparent film using conductive ink that completes a simple circuit when charge is applied to the positive and negative ends. The company recommends using a lithium coin battery to work the bookmark light, but you could likely use whatever battery you had.

If this seems like the perfect gift for your bookworm friend, then you can pick up the 'bookmark' here, for about US$16. The tech behind this bookmark is fairly simple, as you can probably tell, but due to the unique design, it is still quite striking. So now, instead of using that torn up slip of paper to mark your pages, use a paper-thin flashlight and never run out of light to read.

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