This 180-Foot Hydrogen-Powered Catamaran Makes Zero-Emission Travel a Reality

Migma is conceptualized to break the rules of yacht design.
Derya Ozdemir
The Migma conceptRuma Design

Ruma Design, a Spanish studio, has unveiled a futuristic hydrogen-powered electric catamaran concept dubbed Migma (“mixture” in Greek), which is designed to cruise across the world sustainably while maintaining a minimalist and high-end look at the same time.

The studio describes the catamaran as "an evocation to the life of the sea through structural bionic elements where the rationality of the technique is mixed with the fluidity of nature."

Source: Ruma Design

Conceptualized to break the rules of yacht design, Migma may certainly make waves in the industry: It's equipped with a tank to store liquid hydrogen, lithium-ion batteries, PEM fuel cells, and two electric motors that allow it to furrow the seas with zero emissions.

Source: Ruma Design

Thanks to these, Ruma Design says the vessel could travel extremely long distances without producing any noise, pollutants, fumes, or vibrations, enabling you to experience the smell of the ocean breeze and the noises of the marine life without any disruptions.

Source: Ruma Design

When it comes to user experience, the 180-feet electric catamaran offers two: business use and recreational use. Surrounded by floor-to-ceiling glass, the vessel houses a convertible space at its core that can be used to host meetings or as a central saloon by two families. The catamaran also has the necessary staff quarters and may be outfitted with extra cabins if desired. 

Source: Ruma Design

A broad front electrochromatic smart glass wall overlooks the ocean, and every room on this catamaran has been designed with 360-degree panoramic views in mind, maximizing the utilization of natural light. For those moments that you want privacy, you could always switch to pitch-black tinted glass.

Things don't look too bad on the outside either, owing to a generous amount of decking with an infinity pool and swim platform to the aft. The sleek shape and shining silver exterior of Migma give it a futuristic appearance.

Source: Ruma Design

With the era of electrification underway, many concept designers are turning to create zero-emission alternatives that outperform their diesel-guzzling counterparts in various categories.

Another example is the stunning superyacht concept that was created by Lazzarini Design Studio, the Pagurus. This amphibious solar-powered catamaran is outfitted with all the glitz and glam of a mega yacht, and thanks to the sun's power, the vehicle floats effortlessly between water and land.

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