This 3D-Printed Home Can Be Built by a Robot in Just 8 Hours

PassivDom homes could be the home of the future. Using a robot, the team has created a luxurious, sustainable home that can be created in eight hours.
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Building a home is no easy task. On top of the costs, you are looking at an extensive timetable as well as a large number of resources to complete the house. Innovators and start-ups are looking at ways to rethink the modern home with the aim of creating something both sustainable and elegantly designed in half the time, maybe less. 

PassivDom is looking to change the way we construct homes. With the power of their 3D printing robot, they can create a 410 square foot model featuring walls, a roof, and a floor in right under eight hours. After the home is created, manpower is needed to complete the wiring of the home. 

Your 3D Home

These super homes could be your next house. Not only are these homes easy to build, cheap, and elegant, they offer a way to live a sustainable lifestyle. Starting at a reasonable $64,000 and topping off at $147,000 the homes have already received more than 8000 preorders since the companies inception in 2017. The homes are very minimalistic offering tons of natural sunlight along with a touch of Scandinavian inspired design.  

There are two homes models available at PassivDom, the modulOne, and the modulTwo. Designed by Maria Sorokina, both share the same DNA but both are different sized homes. 

The modulOne is a 410 square feet simple one bedroom abode, pricing in at about $64,000.

This 3D-Printed Home Can Be Built by a Robot in Just 8 Hours
Source: PassivDom

The moduleTwo offers residents 775 square feet with the luxury of two bedrooms. The price range of this home is between $97,000- $142,000.

This 3D-Printed Home Can Be Built by a Robot in Just 8 Hours
Source: PassivDom

Both homes feature panoramic windows along with a solar-integrated roof, and if you get bored with where you are living you can move easily, as the home is completely transportable. 

This 3D-Printed Home Can Be Built by a Robot in Just 8 Hours
Source: PassivDom

The home provides four-star" accommodation Some of the utilities in these modules include things like a microwave oven, refrigerator, dishwasher, and coffee machine as well as a sofa-bed, table, chairs, kitchen cabinet, storage, and closet. All the basic necessities of life. 

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With homes like these, you can truly live off the grid. PassivDom could eventually revolutionize the housing markets and the way people view "comfortable living". The PassivDom modules give the residents the chance to live luxuriously anywhere they want. As stated by Joshua Harker, artist, sculptor, and digital adventurer, "3D printing has the potential to make us more independent and to free us from this provider/ consumer product grid."

Would you get a PassiveDom home? What role will 3D homes play in the future?

Via: PassivDom

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