This Advanced Router Keeps Your Information and Devices Safe

Beam is a router and VPN in one. It can encrypt all your information and protect all your devices from online threats.
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Created: 6/5/2018

In a time when internet security and privacy is at the forefront of people's minds, there is one company that not only delivers WiFi, it encrypts all your information. Beam is a router and Virtual Private Network (VPN) in one. 

With Beam, you can be confident that all your home devices are protected from online threats and that your physical location is absolutely hidden so you can access any internet services anywhere in the world. When you buy a Beam router, you also receive a subscription to Forcefield VPN.

A VPN that protects but doesn't slow connection

Forcefield is Beam’s own VPN service that never logs your online activity. It also encrypts all your information so your Internet Service Provider won’t have access to your browsing history either.

Unlike other VPNs that can slow connection speeds, Beam, in conjunction with Forcefield, has been designed to offer extremely low latency so you’ll have protection from online hackers and snoopers without the need to sacrifice speed.

This Advanced Router Keeps Your Information and Devices Safe
Source: Beam/Indiegogo

Aside from the security features that Beam and Forcefield offer, the ability for the service to offer absolutely no geographic restrictions means that you are able to watch content from all providers around the world no matter where you are located.

This Advanced Router Keeps Your Information and Devices Safe
Source: Beam/Indiegogo

Beam looks after all devices in your network

Another great feature is the protection Beam offers to your Internet of Things (IoT) network. IoT devices often don’t have a firewall making them susceptible to malware and hackers.

Beam protects these devices by blocking unauthorized access reducing the risk of attack. Beam will scan your network looking for vulnerabilities and alert you on how to secure yourself.

You can manage what you want blocked and customize Beam's security features. These settings are automatically updated but you have total control over the way your security system functions. Beam allows you to enable automatic disconnection of any device that is under attack.

If Beam identifies a threat, it can disconnect the compromised device to ensure the malware or hacker is unable to enter the network through that device. You can also select which service you don’t want filtered through the VPN.


This is a great benefit for people that work online and can’t use a VPN for some of their daily activities.

While Beam is admired for its cutting-edge security features, it is also a super high performing router.

It is equipped with the latest-generation of wireless technology, gigabit networking, and an incredibly powerful processor and co-processor. Not only will every device in your home be protected, you’ll be online with super fast encrypted speeds.

The world's most advanced router

Beam employs four, dual-band antennas with high-powered amplifiers to provide perfect WiFi coverage. You can forget about dropped connections, lag and dead zones. Even better, it’s super easy to set up your Beam router and Forcefield VPN. No expertise is required, you can go from unboxing to a secure network in just minutes.

Beam also offers high-quality customer support so they are ready to answer any questions you have to get the best out of your Beam.

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