This All-Terrain Robot Can Be Hacked and Customized Right out of the Box

The Sphero RVR has a host of features straight out the box that make it one of the best programmable robots on the market.
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Created: 3/5/2019

Sphero is here to inspire the creators of tomorrow, the young, the old, and of course the mad scientists. With almost a decade of experience under their belt, the Sphero team has been hard at work, refining their craft to create the perfect robot for you.

Now available on Kickstarter, the Sphero robot is here; a robot for the people.

Go Anywhere. Do Anything.

This All-Terrain Robot Can Be Hacked and Customized Right out of the Box
Source: Sphero

The RVR is the most refined, most feature heavy, and capable robot that the team has ever created. Fresh out the box curious users can jump right into driving,  programming and expanding the RVR with the tools provided by Sphero or use something that they are a little more comfortable with.

For the uninitiated, RVR  is an all-terrain, high-torque robot packed with a host of sensors that will make it perfect for your own daily missions across exotic, and unexplored terrains in and out of your home.

With the user-friendly Sphere Edu app, users can accurately drive to new locations, climb up mini mountains, and if you're lucky to drive through your own planet.

Super Customizable

RVR allows users to build upon its hardware and software. Whether you are hackers, educators, students, or technical hobbyists users can very literally build upon RVR thanks to its universal expansion port and onboard power, making it easy to run some of your favorite third-party hardware/software like Raspberry Pi, BBC micro:bit, or Arduino.

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How to recycle like a boss, starring RVR. Why would you do it any other way? Link in bio.

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Do not worry about the learning curve, as the Sphero team has made it easy for anyone to jump in and begin masterminding their own robotic creation. Whether it is for the classroom or at home, the RVR is only limited by what you can imagine.

The hackable platform will have you creating a home security bot, a mini assistant, or the perfect sentry gun for those difficult Nerf Gunfights.

Even more so, the RVR vector-based control system is there to ensure your RVR is always on point, utilizing high-resolution encoders and an onboard 9-axis IMU with proprietary algorithms to drive, correct, and navigate based on heading and relative position.

This keeps your driving experience tight and precise as you venture out with your RVR.

Hack, build and play with Sphero’s new RVR. Will you be getting one?     

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