This Automated Saw Fence Lets You Make More Precise Cuts With Ease

The SawGear saw fence increases precision of cuts and reduces the chance that materials will get thrown away due to improper cuts.
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Created: 3/30/2018

Bad cuts cost craftsmen time, energy, and money. Thus, the more accurate their tools get, the fewer improperly sized materials they'll waste. A new saw device could help drastically reduce chances of even the most skilled craftsmen getting measurements slightly off. 

The SawGear by TigerStop is an automated stop completely replacing the need for a tape measure or manual stops. The portable saw fence can quickly attach to a users' favorite saw, drill, or punch. Its accuracy comes in at .008 inch (0.2 mm).

SawGear can adapt to a chop saw, radial arm saw, drill, punch, press, ironworker- or most any tool. So it’s not a cumbersome expensive piece of equipment. Operators save time and labor hours, eliminate the use of a tape measure, and get the best yield out of their raw material. 

This Automated Saw Fence Lets You Make More Precise Cuts With Ease
Source: SawGear

Its precision comes largely from its software, the company noted.

"SawGear has Crown+MiterPro™ software that calculates part angles and lengths so the user doesn’t have to do complicated math. This makes it easy for anyone to install crown molding with minimal training because the process is so much easier," TigerStop wrote about the product.

SawGear is also portable using SawGear’s tables- which snap apart quickly. SawGear’s power head pops out for easy portability and many manufacturers and contractors take it from the shop to the job site. SawGear can also adapt to TigerStop’s cold rolled steel tables for a more permanent position in your shop. 

SawGear is built and sold by TigerStop, a company that specializes in tools for craftsmen around the world. They have manufacturing facilities in both the United States and Europe. The company also promises "technical support at your fingertips," the website said.

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