This "Back to the Future" water Hoverboard will blow your mind!

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There's a load of sci-fi technology from Back to the Future that people are still eagerly awaiting, such as the self lacing Nike shoes or a time travelling DeLorean. But definitely on top of the list is the hoverboard, and although this version is limited to water use, it's still gunna blow your mind.[Image Source: DevinSuperTramp/Youtube]

 French company Zapata Racing, created by Franky Zapata the French jet-ski champion, have unveiled the Hoverboard, taking extreme water sports to the next level. They have been developing hydropropulsion products for years and they have worked on their previous design of the Flyboard, which required handles and a bulky frame and flew more like Iron Man, to bring the Hoverboard which is more like, well, a hoverboard! The ride is more natural, the same style as skateboards or surfing, except suspended in the air.

The hydropropulsion system is fed through a 60 foot hose pipe that is connected to a trailing jet-ski or speed boat and the Hoverboard itself can offer speeds of up to 23 miles per hour over the waves. Clearly the biggest downfall of the product is the fact somebody needs to trail you with a jet-ski or boat, however the company offers an Electronic Management Kit (EMK) that you can connect to the boat engine to allow the Hoverboard user to control the boat throttle using a holdable handle.

The Hoverboard can be used in the sea or on a lake, just as long as the water is at least 13 feet deep. For further safety, Zapata requires at least one hour of professional training on the board's controls. They also warn that although there is no weight limit, anyone ver 242 pounds “might not have an optimal experience.”

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