This Clever Kid-Friendly Drawing Tool that Uses Melted Crayons Won't Save Walls

Crayon giant Crayola has come up with a kid-friendly drawing tool that uses melted crayons.
Mario L. Major

Many of us remember being children and wanting to explore and try our creative drawing skills on almost any surface of the house, preferably on a white wall, making thick, heavy, indelible marks.

Well, Crayola -- one of the world's most popular crayon makers -- developed a new product that will enhance that experience, much to the delight of children, and of course the dismay of their parents. It’s a kind of kid-friendly version of the 3D printing pen, removing the unnecessary technology supported features like making and editing 3D objects. (After all, the customer demographic here starts with 8-year-olds).

It’s called the Crayola Crayon Melter. This product was bound to pop up, as in the last few years we there has been a trending interest in sharing videos of projects featuring the use of melted crayons to create various types of art on canvas. The people at Crayola were bound to catch on and create a product that also melted crayons.

The Melter rests on a charging station until it’s ready to be used, which most parents in households with young children can attest to, should be at any given moment. The heating element is safely enclosed, and the wax extruder tip is safe to the touch. It’s good to occupy kids with other things when they use the Melter, as it takes about one minute for the loaded crayon to transform into liquid wax.

This Clever Kid-Friendly Drawing Tool that Uses Melted Crayons Won't Save Walls
Source: Crayola via PRNewswire

Once it’s heated, the drawing and writing fun can begin. Handling the Melter should feel similar to handling a rather large ball-point pen but should be easy to maneuver with after a while. Consistent with the properties of wax, the melted crayons cool and dry on whatever surface they come in contact with within seconds, and removal…well, there’s not much the people at Crayon could do about that. Their job is to empower young artists, after all, not perform magic disappearing wax tricks.

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The company is expected to unveil the new product at this year’s American International Toy Fair, which kicked off recently in New York.


Smith Holland, Crayola President, and CEO spoke about the thinking behind the new product.

“At Crayola, we're all about inspiring creativity through color and giving kids endless options to spark their imaginations, which is why this year's line-up gives kids more ways to create and play than ever before,” he said, adding, “We've tapped into key trends resulting in products like the Crayola Color Chemistry Lab Set, which features experiments developed by scientists and color chemists and the Crayola Crayon Melter, a product that allows kids to safely create in new and fun ways with melted crayons.”

The kid-friendly accessory should start to appear in stores of August this year, at a reasonable price of only $25, and will even reportedly include eight crayons to inspire them. 

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