This Code-Free Visual Sequence Editor Will Help You Design and Automate the Machine of Your Dreams

Vention introduced a simplified industrial automation solution, MachineLogic. This new code-free visual sequence editor allows manufacturing professionals to design, build, and automate their equipment from the convenience of a web browser.
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It has been a busy year for the people over at Vention. Aside from securing $17 million in Series A financing led by Bain Capital Ventures and launching the second iteration of their intuitive and successful cloud-based MachineBuilder, Vention has just released MachineLogic. If you work in the realm of manufacturing, engineering, and design, you should be excited.


For the uninitiated, Vention is a digital manufacturing platform for factory equipment. In short, the company merges both the software and design challenges that manufacturing professional deal with on a daily basis by providing simple e-Commerce experience.

This Code-Free Visual Sequence Editor Will Help You Design and Automate the Machine of Your Dreams
Source: Vention

Almost as easy as designing and constructing your own LEGO creation, Vention has simplified machine design for everyone. Using the power of their MachineBuilder software, manufacturing professionals can build a machine online, and receive the parts for their machine the next day.

MachineBuilder’s intuitiveness has attracted a host of top tier companies like Tesla, Universal Robots, Siemens and Facebook, just to name a few. Constantly working to improve on the series of options that they give manufacturing professionals, Vention has just released a next-generation digital manufacturing platform for automated equipment.

Let’s take a look.

Code-Free and Easy to Use

If you are on the market for a custom machine for your factory floor, the process finding the parts and designing the equipment is not only time-consuming but can be costly.

Vention brings it all home on their platform, empowering manufacturing professionals. MachineLogic is a code-free visual sequence editor that allows manufacturing professionals to automate their equipment in an intuitive cloud and local environment.

No code. No license required. Utilizing MachineBuilder 3D’s cloud-based platform, MachineLogic brings life and movement to your Vention custom machine. MachineLogic allows users of the platform to develop comprehensive automation sequences online in the context of the 3D model.

According to Vention’s Lead Automation Architect, “MachineLogic defines a new category of software aimed at empowering all manufacturing professionals to automate their shop floors without the complexity of traditional automation development environment.”

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Further Exploring  MachineLogic

When shopping for a new machine for your factory floor, the first thing you would do with Vention’s cloud-based platform is to design the custom machine that you have always dreamed of using the countless modular parts available at Vention.


This Code-Free Visual Sequence Editor Will Help You Design and Automate the Machine of Your Dreams
Source: Vention

The software itself is plug-and-play, no previous CAD experience needed. After building your machine you are going to need to set up an automation sequence. This is where MachineLogic steps in.

Not only can you create the automation sequence needed for your custom machines, but you can also stimulate your machine and deploy it all from the convenience of your browser.

Also supporting external I/Os, MachineLogic itself supports the entire library of components available at Vention including belts actuators, ball screw actuators, rotary indexers, automated conveyors, sensors, and encoders.

As mentioned by Etienne Lacroix, CEO, and Founder, “MachineLogic, combined with MachineBuilder 3D and the MachineMotion controller, enables our clients to self-design and commission industrial automation projects at a fraction of the time and cost than it is possible today.”

Vention’s toolkit was designed to make the lives of manufacturers extremely easy. Some features include but are not limited to, Pre-built Python and JavaScript libraries, full compatibility with some Universal Robots and a Native Cloud9 programming environment.

Building on MachineBuilder

It will be interesting to see what other tricks Vention has up its sleeve in 2019. Vention’s dedication to making the process of digital design and real-world building easier for clients is apparent. The platform that Vention built is sure to continue to redefine manufacturing.

This Code-Free Visual Sequence Editor Will Help You Design and Automate the Machine of Your Dreams
Source: Vention

As stated by Vention’s CTO Max Windisch in an interview with Interesting Engineering, “The goal is to reach a point where we represent all necessary mechanisms, in the simplest way possible. There is still a lot to do.”

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Thanks again to @interestingengineering for creating this great explainer video of the Vention platform!

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“I think because we are mindful of our startup situation, we are not trying to do everything at once from the start. We hope to continue to subtly build on the machines that are possible with Vention. In short, we are expanding our catalog of possibilities.”

If you want more information about MachineLogic and other Vention products, be sure to stop by the Vention website here.

What will you build with Vention’s platform?

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