This Company Created the "World's First" Stainless Steel Hemp Bucker

"What a time we live in"
Chris Young
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As hemp products get more and more popular, the efficiency of cultivating cannabis and collecting it becomes more crucial for businesses that depend on the versatile material.

One group of friends, working under the name Iaso Goods, claims they have created the world's first stainless steel hemp bucker. It works so smoothly. They say that it's gentler than doing it by hand.


What is a hemp bucker?

Iaso Goods recently posted a video of their bucker in action on Reddit. The same video and several others have also been posted on the company's Instagram page. 

One Redditor asked:

"Can you explain what exactly is happening? I'm assuming this is the process in which the stem gets separated from all the buds, but I’ve never seen quite the contraption."

The company came back, saying, "that is exactly it."

On top of that, they claimed that "this one is more gentle than doing it by hand, which is how most people do it. There are basically two rollers inside that grab hold of the stem and pull it through, leaving the buds behind."

A world-first for the hemp industry?

While Iaso Goods say, their bucker is the "world's first" hemp bucker in their post, some replying to the post disagree. One user said it "might be the world's first legal one. But I have seen several (DIY) variations of this device over the years."

Either way, judging from the video below, it is an incredibly smoothly operating contraption.

As the Reddit poster for Iaso Goods says, "the time has come where you can make a living making machines and products for the cannabis industry. What a time we live in!"

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