This Company Looks to Upgrade Traditional Toy Modeling Sets

A company from Belarus makes stunning and elaborate wooden modeling kits sold via Kickstarter.
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Created: 10/11/2017
A completed version of EWA's Retro Car Modeling setEWA

Millions of kids around the world love modeling sets. From LEGO to Lincoln Logs, children have been using their innovative thinking to produce one-of-a-kind creations (even if they're only temporary). One of the most popular modeling sets on the market is thin wooden pieces that culminate into an incredibly detailed structure. A new Kickstarter idea is perfecting the popular modeling kits and giving them an incredible overhaul. 

This Company Looks to Upgrade Traditional Toy Modeling Sets
Source: EWA

EWA crafts robust and complex wooden modeling kits designed with all ages in mind. Each model is a 1:48 scale of its real-life counterpart. The pre-cut pieces come with a step-by-step guide for each model, and there are up to 700 unique pieces in each set. The more dynamic models are powered by rubber-band motors. Simply wind them up and watch them work after building the model. 

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