This Company Wants to Improve the Way We Sweep With Their Innovative Broom and Dustpan

WISP has reinvented sweeping. Their incredible product lets you sweep one-handed reducing strain on your body. Its unique design lowers allergens and produces a better clean.
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There are some aspects of our daily lives that are almost unrecognizable from the way that we used to do them. Think online banking or shopping. But then there are other common tasks that don’t seem to have evolved in centuries. Like cleaning for instance. Aside from robot vacuum cleaners, there hasn’t been many huge developments in the way we complete our regular household chores. One company is ready to change that. WISP has redesigned the most common of all chores: sweeping. In fact, they have redesigned the idea so much they have a new name for it. Move over sweeping and welcome WISPing!

The world's only one-handed broom

On first glance, the WISPaway looks fairly similar to a traditional broom and dustpan but let’s take a closer look at its unique features that make it a best selling product on Amazon. First, the WISPaway is designed to be used one-handed, making it the only one-handed broom in the world. It is able to achieve this remarkable feat because instead of bending down and balancing the dustpan in one hand and the broom in the other as you do with traditional brooms, the WISPdustpan is designed to be locked in place with your foot.

It lets you WISP from a standing position that mitigates back and knee strain commonly associated with cleaning under tables and counters. The curved design of the WISP broom head traps dirt and allergens inside the sweep zone and reduces the amount of dust that is raised up by regular brooms as they come in contact with dusty surfaces.

Source: WISP

If you suffer from allergy you’ll know just how painful a cleaning process can be. Other unique features of the WISP are its electrostatic bristles that attract dirt, dust, pet hair, but are still strong and rigid enough to be able to sweep up glass and broken ceramic. Fibres and hairs that get stuck to the bristles are easily swiped off by dragging the broom head through the comb, built into the side of the dustpan.

Source: WISP/Kickstarter

This simple but important design feature means you have a clean brush every time you sweep and there is no need to spend disgusting minutes trying to extract hair and other debris from a clogged brush head.

Source: WISP/Kickstarter

The WISPaway broom can also be used to read very hard to reach places like above doorways or on top of cabinets by engaging its telescoping handle 29” to 51”.

Source: WISP/Kickstarter

Get your loved ones a WISP

It is surprising to see just how these small but well thought out changes to the broom could result in such a startlingly different outcome. The success of the WISPaway broom prompted its designed to create the miniWISP. This is a handheld version of its big sister product, that uses the same technology, in compact size. The miniWISP is perfect for cleaning the tops of tables, in the car or when you are camping. If you are stuck for the perfect gift for just about anyone this Christmas, consider something from the WISP range. It will revolutionize the way you sweep.

Via: WISP  

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