This Concept Citroën Car Is One Sleek Vision of a Future Ev

A new independent study Citroën EV has been released, and it looks great.
Christopher McFadden

An interesting concept Citroën vehicle has recently been unveiled by an independent artist called Carlos Munoz Mardonez. Not officially endorsed by Citroën, the concept of the vehicle is an interesting concept of what could be the future of Citroën vehicles.

"The car is a personal study about exploring new surfaces in a new kind of architecture that combines a sports car, a sedan, and a utility vehicle, and how a car could look like in the year 2040 taking its roots and heritage from old Citroens, all of this according to the spiral motion found in the universe and nature," explained Carlos MM to Interesting Engineering. 

"Since this is just experimental, the car has big dimensions very similar to the Bentley Exp 100 GT concept car," he added.

The concept vehicle would feature all-electric powertrains and has been dubbed by the designer as the "Citroën Space Tourer". The vehicle, according to the designer, is the ultimate grand tourer and one that can serve a multitude of purposes. 

The concept Citroën has some interesting features

The most obvious feature of the design is its extremely long wheelbase and near-complete glazed roof/canopy. In fact, a closer look at the concept reveals that most of the passenger section of the vehicle is composed of glass too. 

So much, in fact, that one could be forgiven for thinking that the entire top section of the vehicle has been hewn from a single large block of it. While this would offer a superb all-around vision for the driver and passengers, it would likely not be ideal on a very hot summer's day. 

From the concept art, the doors are apparently able to slide backward, giving the concept vehicle an almost insectoid appearance. 

The vehicle's front exterior is relatively modest in design with a simple front end including a large Citroën badge. The design also includes LED headlights and daytime running lights. 

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The concept car also includes other interesting features like cameras instead of wing mirrors, and large, aerodynamic wheels and wheel covers. The rest of the vehicle is, however, very sleek and curvaceous in design.

The rear of the vehicle includes a large full-width LED light bar incorporated into its almost organically curve bodywork. 

Thus far, only a single image of the Citroen’s interior has been published, but it shows the car with a uniquely-shaped steering wheel. The concept art also hints at a holographic digital instrument cluster and a curved dashboard with a prominent curved infotainment screen.

While this is an independent study of a future concept EV Citroën car, it is certainly something that we hope Citroën sits up and takes notice of. 

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