This Designer Came Up With a Self-Watering, No-Soil Planter

Introducing a new way to grow a plant indoors, in a reverse-engineered pot where all the action happens on the outside.
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Created: 5/6/2020
The photo credit line may appear like thisTerraplanter

A team of horticulturists believes it has reverse-engineered the best way to grow a plant indoors. After years of tinkering with the way plants are fed and watered, they’ve devised Terraplanter – a pot where all the action happens on the outside.

Outside is the new inside

Over the years, all sorts of attempts at rethinking the way plants are grown indoors have been attempted, including hydroponic systems that dispense with water altogether, and self-watering solutions that are immune to the failings of forgetful housemates. Terraplanter goes one step further, providing a living, breathing product by placing the plant, roots, and even the water on the outside.

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