This Device Gives Users the Power to Program Their Own Smart Home

A new device on display at Makers Faire Rome 2018 leaves plenty of room for users to customize their smart home solutions and we got the interview!
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Created: 10/14/2018
The photo credit line may appear like this1, Interesting Engineering at Maker Faire Rome 2018

The world continues to get more connected, and the Internet of Things grows rapidly grows each year. But one simple motherboard could give creative programmers the freedom to connect whatever they want, however they want. 

The CM3-Home is a Raspberry Pi Compute Module 3 designed to give anyone the power to automate systems within their homes. The display was certainly turning heads at this year's Maker Faire Rome.

Features of the CM3-Home

The CM3-Home isn't a traditional smart home device. The open source software and Raspberry Pi interface allow for extra modules to be added with ease. 

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