This Eerie Humanoid Robot Can Work Out Just Like a Human and Even Sweat

Humanoid Kengoro can almost walk just like you. The advanced robot is just another example of how quickly robotics is moving.
Donovan Alexander

Robotics is moving at a rapid rate. Every day, there is another company or research facility bringing to light how quickly the world of robotics is moving forward, and also pressing the question, how will robotics shape our future? 

A team of talented researchers recently revealed a robot with skills and abilities that might scare you, just a little bit. Meet the stoic humanoid, Kengoro. 

AI and robotics could be a scary combination and the Kengoro robot will not ease any fears. If you were to know anything about the robot, you should know that the robot sweats. When you get up in the morning and are looking to knock out another lift or daily run, that requires your muscles to work. When you use your muscles they heat up and when you use your muscles excessively they need to cool down, so you sweat.

The humanoid, Kengoro can do something very similar. Brought to life by the engineering team at the JSK Lab at the University of Tokyo, the humanoid can cool itself after exerting itself.

This Eerie Humanoid Robot Can Work Out Just Like a Human and Even Sweat
Source: Science Robotics

It is good to mention, that Kengoro can do things like pushups, squats, or even crunches better than most humans can. Just like a human, when the robot uses its "muscles" its body heats up and there needs to be an efficient way to cool it down. What better way to cool down a robot than using the same system that is found across the globe? When the robot heats up, perspiration comes out to cool down the robot. Though it sounds simple, it is far more complicated than you think. The robot is able to have water seep through its frame around the motor and cool them "evaporatively." 

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This Eerie Humanoid Robot Can Work Out Just Like a Human and Even Sweat
Source: Science Robotics

Kengoro has a full humanoid exoskeleton as well as muscles and tendons that resemble those of an actual human, along with a very complex nervous system. On top of being physically fit Kengoro, seems to enjoy playing badminton and has a nice swing.


Other impressive feats include Kengoro's ability to stand on its toes and the ability to turn and move its head like a human with a bad crank in his neck.  

Kengoro and his impressive frame will help give more insight into how the human body works and the future of bionics. Until then maybe, they can make Kengoro's face a little more friendly. When you look at Kengoro you can't really tell if he is smiling or not. His facial features make him a little hard to like and you can not help but get terminator vibes from him. What do you think of Kengoro?

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