This Engineering Software Giant is Giving Away Its Products for Free

ANSYS software, used by hundreds of firms globally, is offering its software to students absolutely free.
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Created: 3/28/2018
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For students, "free" is a magical word, and for engineering students, that particular four-letter word is even more appealing. Textbooks, lab fees, course trips, equipment -- the bills can rack up quickly. However, one of the world's most popular engineering software companies wants to lighten the financial burden just a bit. ANSYS software, used by hundreds of firms globally, is offering its software to students absolutely free.

Yes. Free.

ANSYS launched its first student download in 2015, but the company makes sure to update the student software each year. They recently now have three of their premier products available for free: the ANSYS AIM Student 18.2 and ANSYS Student 18.2 and the all-new ANSYS Discovery Live Student. The company is also guaranteeing shorter downloads and renewable year-long product licenses.

The big question is which software is right for your engineering skills? Here's a quick snapshot of the three programs:

ANSYS Student 

This Engineering Software Giant is Giving Away Its Products for Free

This remains one of the most popular software offerings from the company to date. This program sets the stage for the rest of ANSYS products. It's the perfect way to get exposure to ANSYS Workbench workflow, pre-processing, post-processing and solver programs. The Workbench group includes Mechanical, ANSYS CFD, ANSYS SpaceClaim, and ANSYS DesignXplorer. 


The incredibly popular ANSYS AIM student is perfect for those looking to perfect their skills in simulations. This program allows users to efficiently design and simulate even the craziest of ideas in a simple environment.

This Engineering Software Giant is Giving Away Its Products for Free

Want to combine different engineering disciplines? ANSYS AIM can handle that. The software comes equipped with a multiphysics variant, giving users the ability to put fluids, structural physics, and even electromagnetism all on the same simulation platform. 

ANSYS Discovery Live Student

Based on ANSYS new instantaneous simulation technology, ANSYS Discovery Live Student has integrated geometry modeling based on ANSYS SpaceClaim technology and a completely meshless and instantaneous thermal, structural, and fluids solvers.

ANSYS Discovery Live Student lets you learn about physics without the headache of learning how to use a complex simulation tool. Be an early adopter and reap the benefits of the simulation tool of the future.

How Does This Software Even Work?

If you've never used simulation software, don't fret. Plenty of tools exist specific to ANSYS to help users understand the basics. First, check out the Support Resources section of the ANSYS Academic page. It includes video tutorials showing step by step procedure of solving problems which help beginners to get started with ANSYS.

If you have further questions about the software, you could explore the ANSYS Student Community which provides a forum to share ideas, ask doubts, guide users and post cutting-edge information or useful technical resources.

Cornell University also offers a course that lets users move at their own pace. No pressure needed as you learn the ins and outs of the software. If you don't understand a particular concept, you're free to repeat the section until you get it sorted. The software tutorials are perfect for the freshman in college looking to get a leg up on engineering coursework to the graduating senior wanting a quick refresher before hitting the job market. 

The student products include everything available in the full commercial program. The only difference is in the size of the problems the version can solve.  

ANSYS has been part of the design and creation of new, innovating products for years. Now, the potential that's been restricted to professional engineers or physicists shifts into the hands of students and their imaginations.

Interested in downloading the software? Download now and get started.

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