This Fully Collapsible Electric Scooter is the Height of Convenience in Travel

Amidst a ton of hype over autonomous vehicles, Ujet released a different perspective on transportation: a fully collapsible electric scooter.
Christopher McFadden

Ujet unveiled their first ever electrical scooter on Sunday at this year's Consumer Electronics Show. Their little scooter is touted as being one that might very well redefine the future of urban mobility. Ujet has designed and built their electrical scooter from the ground up to produce a stylish product that puts ease, joy, and practicality back into the act of getting around town.

Ujet's scooter combines smart connectivity and high-performance materials that are typically found within the aerospace sector. It also takes advantages of clean technology and the height of aesthetic design that makes it one of the most advanced in its class.

Their new scooter has an estimated range of up to 150 km. Its battery can be charged in around 2 hours that provides electricity to the scooters 5.44 hp (4kW) motor with 90 Nm of torque. Its full specs can be found here.

This Fully Collapsible Electric Scooter is the Height of Convenience in Travel
The battery can be charged in 2 hours. Source: Ujet

"Ujet sets new standards in scooter design. Its unique look makes it clear: a first-ever mass-produced orbital wheel and a sculptural, asymmetrical frame paired with an attention to every single detail." - Ujet.

Another interesting characteristic of Ujet's flagship product is the fact that it can be customised to meet the customer's style. You can select between the Diamond and Curved shapes, low or high seats and 5 refined color options. These options can be combined to create your very own unique Ujet scooter. You can also select between two different battery sizes. Each provides enough energy to travel between 70 and 150 km.

The Ujet scooter's battery is, according to Ujet, "[is] safe, connected, removable and rollable. Take your battery anywhere, use it as a power bank for your devices, and enjoy your favorite tunes via integrated wireless speakers."

Ujet is easy to handle

Its customisable design and smart charging technology is not the only thing that Ujet's scooter has going for it. One of its main appeals will be the ease with which it can be stored and carried when not in use. The scooter has a ground-breaking ultra-light and robust frame that, according to Ujet, is made from advanced composite materials. Some of these would be more at home in the Aerospace industry. Because of its build, the entire scooter weighs not more than 43 kg

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This Fully Collapsible Electric Scooter is the Height of Convenience in Travel
Ujet's scooter can be folded to minimise storage space. Source: Ujet

Ujet's scooter can be folded comfortably in seconds. This allows it to be stored easily at home, in your office or even the trunk of your car. Their scooter also comes with a unique suspension and braking system. The scooter's wheels and tires are also cutting edge. According to their website, Ujet's scooter "enables smooth and safe rife, thanks to Ujet's innovative suspensions and larger diameter lightweight brakes".

The scooter tires also maximise traction and increase grip due to the "world's first nano-augmented tire. It is the lightest in its class, developed specifically for Ujet." With all these features in place, we will need to see if Ujet's scooter meets its promise of redefining the future of urban mobility or not.

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