This Futuristic Hand-Worn Keyboard Lets You Type on Any Surface

Simply slide the Tap keyboard, mouse and controller on to your hand and use your fingertips gestures to control your device.
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Created: 8/10/2018

Forget everything you know about keyboards. Tap is totally disrupting the wearables market by introducing the Tap wearable keyboard, mouse and controller. 

The sci-fi looking device is worn on the user's hand, sliding over each finger. Once on, typing happens by using finger gestures or taps on any surface to produce different letters and symbols. While Tap comes preloaded with a series of intuitive gestures, the device is totally programmable to your individual needs and desires. 

As a keyboard, Tap can sync with any smart device. Simply connect via Bluetooth and get tapping. 

Typing with Tap takes less than an hour to learn using the TapGenius app.  The intuitive app breaks down the alphabet into a learning system that is easy to remember and will get you typing and controlling with your tap fast. The app uses musical and visual cues to help you memorize each ‘tap set’. 

In addition to being an incredible device for anyone that uses a keyboard, Tap is proving to be an invaluable piece of technology for people with vision impairment. Since tapping is completely tactile, visually impaired users can create text as quickly and easily as sighted users.

Tap supports Apple’s VoiceOver accessibility feature for iOS, which means people with vision impairment can access other devices without having to touch them. 

VoiceOver is a gesture-based screen reader that enables users to enjoy using iOS even if they can’t see the screen. Tap in combination with VoiceOver means low-vision users will be able to control VoiceOver functions by tapping on any surface, without the need to touch their screens. 

This Futuristic Hand-Worn Keyboard Lets You Type on Any Surface
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“We’ve been totally humbled by how many visually-impaired users have already become enthusiastic tappers and have offered their advice and feedback. We’re excited to expand Tap’s abilities beyond easy text input to actually controlling your iOS device,” said Sabrina Kemeny, President of Tap Systems. 

“Now our blind mobile users can text, navigate and control their phone without ever taking it out of their pocket.” Tap takes less than an hour to learn using the TapGenius app and the TapAloud function makes it accessible for the visually impaired.

Tapping for Gaming and Control

Tap is not only a keyboard, the comfortable wearable is also a controller that will take your gameplay to new levels. It can also be configured to control music production and sequencing software as well as countless other applications for entertainment and enterprise uses.

“Tap represents an entirely new way to interact with our digital world,” said Dovid Schick, CEO and Founder of Tap Systems. “Tapping is a fast, precise, natural human motion and we have developed the technology to harness this ability to turn any surface into a keyboard, mouse or game controller.” 

Tap's founders passionate about taking us to the future

Tap was developed by a team of hard-working engineers and entrepreneurs Dovid Schick and Sabrina Kemeny. Sabrina was a co-inventor of the CMOS camera chip - the underlying technology behind all modern digital imaging. 

This Futuristic Hand-Worn Keyboard Lets You Type on Any Surface

She is also the founder and former CEO of Photobit, which commercialized the CMOS camera technology. Dovid, the inventor of Tap, is the founder and former CEO of Schick Technologies, which pioneered digital imaging in medicine and dentistry. 

“It’s amazing to see people using Tap for the first time ” said Sabrina Kemeny, Co-Founder of Tap Systems. “They immediately know that this is the input technology of the future. It’s a feeling of being freed from hunching over your keyboard or holding your phone up to your eyes. Tap makes interacting with your phones and digital devices a more natural, organic experience.”

Via: Tap

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