This Gun Takes Down Drones From a Mile Away

The DroneGun from DroneShield can effectively jam the frequencies of drones flying up to 1.2 miles (2 km) away from the gun itself.
Shelby Rogers

While drone guns exist on the market to take down the devices, you normally have to be at a close range for them to work. However, a new gadget promises to take drones down as far as 1.2 miles (2 km) away.

Source: DroneShield

DroneShield's DroneGun is a jammer that disables drone signals. This includes GPS and GLONASS. Like other jammers, the DroneGun sends out a targeted electromagnetic blast at the frequency of most drones. That blast is enough to knock out communication between pilot and device.

It also doesn't completely kill its target. It redirects the drone back to its starting point or forces it to land rather than crash. This allows users to not only stop a potential drone threat but also locate the device's pilot if need be. It also immediately stops any video feedback to the device's operator. This provides a potential level of safety for the gun user.

The gun is as heavy as it looks, coming in at 13 pounds. However, one person can operate it. The only problem is that it's currently not FCC certified in the US. We can easily see this device getting used in high-stakes situations though.

DroneShield does more than offer the DroneGun. You can also buy a broad-range omnidirectional drone detector and long-range sensors for extensive drone detection.

DroneShield itself wants to detect and disarm any potential drone threats. While it might sound a little over-the-top given the growing ubiquity of drones, the company's motto is simply to protect and serve.

"DroneShield responds to the growing use of consumer drones for unethical purposes, and the resulting need for effective countermeasures to drone intrusions," the website says. "We developed our products with the belief that the first step to protection from drones is detecting them. With DroneShield, we aim to help public and private sector customers take proactive measures against airborne threats to safety, security, and privacy. "