This Integrated CAD and Modular Build System Lets You Turn Your Idea Into Reality in 48 Hours

Vention lets you design industrial equipment from your web browser and will ship your design the very next day.
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Created: 6/5/2018

Previously, machine design meant hopping from one manufacturer's website to another, comparing spec sheets trying to figure out part compatibility. Often parts needed to be custom made, that was slow and expensive causing long delays in the design of the machine and build.

But one company is changing all of that. Vention is a revolutionary design and build system that brings hardware and software into a single digital workflow. The cloud-based manufacturing platform reduces the development time of custom industrial equipment and prototype by 5X .

The Canadian based company provides a fully-integrated cloud CAD and modular hardware platform that offers its customers the ability to design, order and assemble their custom design in just a few days. Vention also allows you to import custom parts to your design.

Designs can also be exported to your local CAD software for alternative assembly or adjustment. Once designed it simply takes one click to pay and order your design which will be shipped the next day.

Vention makes it possible for engineers and designers to build custom machines without any need for comparison between sites or specifications. All of the Vention parts have been designed to work together. The CAD build happens in easy to follow steps that intuitively guide you through the build process.

Idea to build in just days

The cloud-based Vention software has a huge public assembly library, which means you just need to select an assembly and configure it according to your needs. Your machine can be created quickly and without unnecessary work or experimentation.

The software assists you to understand the limits of the machine. Whether you are building a new machine or improving on something you have, Vention has the system to help you. The 3D interface gives you accurate costs and assembly updates as you adjust your build, so you can plan ahead with no surprises.

This Integrated CAD and Modular Build System Lets You Turn Your Idea Into Reality in 48 Hours
Source: Vention

When happy with the design, you simply process the order and your machine will be shipped to you in just a few days including your personalized build instructions. The assembly of automated equipment is similar to Ikea furniture and all cords and wiring are color-coded to ensure a seamless transition from flat pack to operation.

Cloud-based software will never expire

Vention’s CAD software is 100% cloud-based and 100% free. With Vention you don’t need to buy a license for expensive software that will go out of date. Once set up it only takes minutes before you can begin designing complex assemblies using automatic 3D constraints that mimic the experience of assembling a machine in the physical world.

Vention Community helps you get the best from designs

You can also use the Vention community to get feedback on your design or seek input before buying someone else’s design. Choose from a range of fully-functioning machines from the Vention Community Marketplace to help speed up your design journey. This library is constantly updated and is able to be searched with detail to allow you to find the subtle designs features your machine needs. Filter user comments and reviews based on other users’ experience in your industry.

Vention is the first digital manufacturing platform dedicated to machine design, its integrated CAD and modular hardware system takes your idea to a physical industrial machine in as little as 3 days.

Vention is used by companies both large and small to build machines perfectly designed for their workflow. The system is also widely used by universities' robotics and engineering labs for research and experiment.

Via: Vention

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