This Intelligent Pet Tech Lets You Understand Your Pet As Never Before

And can be a great assistant in animal healthcare monitoring.
Deena Theresa
iPetWeaR can detect the pet's underlying conditions.iPetWeaR/ITRI

Have a four-legged friend at home? Unable to keep track of your furry pal's health? Fret not, iPetWeaR, the Industrial Technology Research Institute's (ITRI) latest device will bring you closer to your pet. ITRI will be displaying iPetWeaR, a CES 2022 Innovation Awards Honoree, at CES 2022

This time, multiple companies are highlighting gizmos that promise to alert pet owners when something is wrong with their dog or cat. While pet tech company TTcare will unveil an app that claims to detect veterinary health issues based on photos of an animal’s eyes or other body parts, PurrSong, another pet tech company, will showcase an AI-enabled healthcare service that uses information from its other products to detect health abnormalities in cats. 

iPetWear employs ITRI's low-power radar sensing technology to detect multiple physiological parameters for non-contact and long-term pet health monitoring. 

Solid 'pet-tential'

This innovative wearable device, a first for pets, is capable of tracking a pet’s health data such as heart rate, respiration, and activity. It can alert the owner in events of abnormalities via a mobile app and is easy to use both indoors and outdoors.

The device is attached to the pet's collar magnetically, enabling it to be near its neck or chest, where it can detect and record the heart rate, respiration, and physical activity at any time. The collected data is then sent, via Bluetooth, to the owner's or caregiver's mobile device. Using the app, one can instantly learn if their pet is asleep or awake.

Irregular heartbeats or breathing will result in a warning notification. iPetWeaR can thus, easily detect the pet's underlying health conditions like heat strokes or adverse vaccine reactions. The average heart rate error is less than 5% in a dark environment. Additionally, unlike existing products in the market, iPetWeaR has no direct contact with a pet's skin, making it completely harmless.

Besides its application at home, the device can be used to help the staff in animal shelters to provide animal care services more easily.

ITRI’s CES 2022 will also highlight technologies in AI, robotics, ICT, and health such as the RGB-D AI Robot, the first collaborative robot that integrates smart 3D vision as a built-in standard for high-precision object recognition and pick-and-place operation; the Autonomous Selfie Drone, which flies itself to take the best picture based on common photography techniques; the Interactive Time Machine, which creates a unique real-time 3D interactive avatar and the PoseFit muscular functional screening mirror which measures muscular strength, flexibility, and imbalances and provides a personalized and actionable exercise plan.

Watch this space for the detailed coverage of CES 2022.

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