This Is Colossus: The Firefighting Robot That Helped Save Notre Dame

An unlikely hero rose from Notre Dame's ashes and it is a robotic one.
Loukia Papadopoulos

As the Notre Dame Cathedral fire raged, a surprising hero rose from the ashes. A small remote-controlled firefighting robot called Colossus drew quite a bit of attention.


Colossus to the rescue

Controlled by the Paris Firefighter Brigade, the 1,100-pound robot helped save the cathedral. When it looked like Notre-Dame’s spire might collapse, Colossus came to the rescue.

The robot is specifically made to endure the scorching fire conditions and carry out several tasks such as operating a fire hose or carrying wounded people to safety. It can carry more than 1,200 pounds of payload.

Its measurements are 5.25 feet long, 2.5 feet wide and a 2.5 feet tall. Colossus can be operated from almost 1,000 feet away. It is also waterproof and fire-resistant.

It is not a fast robot. It can move at a maximum speed of 2.2 mph. However, it can climb over pretty much anything.

Colossus was made by French technology company Shark Robotics. "The Colossus is a universal technical support robot & modular designed for intervention in dangerous areas," says the website's description.

In the end, the fire was put out with no one being killed which is quite an impressive feat. We have Colossus to also thank for these efforts along with the brave work of the firefighters and other municipal workers who heroically fought the blaze.

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