This Is Hexbot, the Modular All-in-1 Desktop Robot Arm

Versatile, precise and modular, the Hexbot robotic arm is the ultimate desktop assistant for 2019.
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Created: 1/24/2019

Maybe you watched Iron Man and have always dreamed of having the ultimate assistant to help you throughout the day.

Though you might not get a fully functioning Iron Man suit or the opportunity to take on Thanos, Hexbot is the perfect desktop assistant for you, with a host of features that may have you feeling like Tony Stark.

Introducing, Hexbot

Hexbot is the first of its kind. Robotic arms are a staple of the modern landscape tackling projects in both the medical field and in manufacturing.

This Is Hexbot, the Modular All-in-1 Desktop Robot Arm
Source: Hexbot/Kickstarter

The Hexbot team decided to combine the usefulness of a robotic arm and equip it with 3D printing and laser engraving capabilities. However, Hexbot’s abilities do not end there.

This Is Hexbot, the Modular All-in-1 Desktop Robot Arm
Source: Hexbot/Kickstarter

Currently, on Kickstarter, the Hexbot turns any desktop into a workshop. If you love DIY projects or are simply a creator, you should pick up the Hexbot. Very versatile, the sleek assistant offers 0.05mm high repeatability at an impressive price.

What Can Hexbot Do?

Hexbot is a bit of a creative, easily helping you tackle some projects that you have always wanted to piece together. In short, Hexbot can help you write, design and draw, laser engrave some home products and even 3D print some art.

This Is Hexbot, the Modular All-in-1 Desktop Robot Arm
Source: Hexbot/Kickstarter

Due to its modular design, all of these things are possible. With a simple click of one of the many extensions on the Hexbot, you can begin working, without the hassle of screws on the end effector.


Hexbot can be an artist sketching and painting throughout the day. If you are looking for a new chess partner, Hexbot can even play chess. And, if you need a great last-minute original gift, have Hexbot 3D print or laser engrave something for a friend, all completed quietly because of its noiseless design.

Hexbot can even lift a payload as heavy as 500 grams and work up to 500 MM/S, abilities all made possible thanks to its intuitive software and great design.

The Sky is the Limit

Hexbot’s brain comes to life with its easy to use, kid-friendly software. However, if you are a more experienced developer, you can fine-tune Hexbot’s functions in Processing, Python, and G-code.

Using the code or other accessories such as computer vision kit and linear rails, Hexbot can go above and beyond tackling almost any task you throw at it.

If you are not comfortable with programming yet, you can use the multi-function touchscreen to control your Hexbot and direct it to complete a project.

Whether you want to learn or you want to play, or a bit of both, Hexbot is the ultimate tool for your desktop and a great way to see how the world of robotics could possibly impact your life. Get the Hexbot here.

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