This Is the Biggest Consumer Tech Expected To Be Revealed at CES 2023

The biggest week in tech is just a few days away.
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CES 2023
CES 2023


Following an unusually quiet, pandemic-affected CES 2022, the largest annual consumer technology show in the world is eager to welcome thousands of exhibitors and journalists back to Las Vegas in the first week of the new year.

Over the course of three days in early January, CES 2023 will feature some 2,400 exhibitors, many of which are industry heavyweights like Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Qualcomm, LG, Samsung, Sony, Panasonic, and JBL. 

Can't make it in person? Like in 2022, the event will be digital as well. This year's CES will be where many tech companies- large and small- draw back the curtain on their most recent innovations and showcase the finest of their upcoming products.

Interesting Engineering (IE) is here to prepare you. So, here are the six major areas to watch out for at CES 2023. 


This Is the Biggest Consumer Tech Expected To Be Revealed at CES 2023
45'' UltraGear™ OLED gaming monitor


Naturally, the CES wouldn't be the same without new TVs. TVs are a significant component of CES for several reasons, including technical specifications only providing a partial picture of how spectacular an innovation or new technology truly is. There's nothing quite like experiencing the TVs in person- or online!

LG certainly hopes to raise the bar when it comes to products for the high-end gaming industry. That is, the global pioneer of display technologies is set to present its latest curve-shaped 27- and 45-inch UltraGear OLED gaming displays at CES 2023. 

These will offer the quickest reaction time of 0.03ms, making them the first OLED monitor displays to provide a refresh rate of 240Hz per second. This means that even during highly fast-paced action, the screens will give the sharpest visual clarity and the smoothest motions.

And the world's first completely wireless OLED TV from the new US manufacturer, Displace, will undoubtedly pique the interest of those sick of cables running through their living rooms. They offer buyers the option to combine numerous panels to create larger, higher-resolution screens, and a rechargeable battery powers their 55-inch 4k set.

And that's not all. There will be top 2023 TVs from the likes of Panasonic, Samsung, and Sony, along with TCL, Hisense, and Vizio.


This Is the Biggest Consumer Tech Expected To Be Revealed at CES 2023
Bosch: CES 2023

Despite its reputation as a more general tech expo, CES has grown to be a significant event for the automotive sector. As such, plenty of exciting announcements from the automakers are underway. 

Forvia will offer a portfolio of solutions for electrification, automated driving, and customized cockpits, so you may anticipate equally exciting things from them.

This year's CES will see an announcement from Sony and Honda, working together to develop electric vehicles (EVs). It's unclear whether this will be an entirely new car as such. Therefore, will the news create as much of a stir as Sony's previous concept vehicle, the Vision S prototype displayed at CES in 2021? We'll find out in a few days!

The future of BMW "is electric, circular, and digital," announced CFO Dr. Nicolas Peter. The company plans to reveal something it describes as "a visionary vehicle that will underpin our digital expertise." 

Stellantis, the Ram Truck brand, will unveil its Ram 1500 Revolution battery-electric vehicle (BEV) concept to the world. While we're not sure how representative of the final production model this concept will be, we do anticipate Ram to make some bold claims about how the top truck brand will once again transform the pickup truck category for the future.

We'll also see the Peugeot brand teasing its latest Peugeot Inception Concept at the event. This will serve as a debut for the automaker's new design language, which will eventually find its way into the next generation of Peugeot electric vehicles (EVs).


This year's CES will feature a brand-new exhibit called the Panasonic GREEN IMPACT Experience, which will debut on January 4. Although we are unsure of what to expect, there will undoubtedly be a few engineering solutions for a better world that are worthwhile.

Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI) Group, the world's largest shipbuilding and heavy industries conglomerate, announced that it would present the company's vision of transforming the ocean for a sustainable future. In its 595-square-meter booth, you can look forward to solutions for living out on the sea. It will also reveal a safer, more economical, low-carbon future ship based on unmanned and remote digital solutions. 

Autonomous vehicles

ZF will offer mobility in both urban and rural locations in a whole new way. They will display their 22-person, automated shuttles already on the market. These can operate around the clock without a driver and feature e-drives that can move them up to 40 kilometers per hour in both directions. The vehicles are also fitted with 360-degree precision lidar, radar, video, and audio sensor equipment that identifies safe driving routes.

Better yet, Toyota Boshoku will propose two interior concepts based on autonomous driving for the future mobility interior space solution. 

A returning highlight of the tech event will be the Indy Autonomous Challenge which will include completely AI-piloted vehicles racing at speeds of up to 190 mph at the Las Vegas Speedway.

Bosch will introduce several cutting-edge vehicle automotive features. For instance, the firm will show off the effectiveness of its long-range lidar sensor for dependable and safe automated driving. It is designed for exceptional resolution with a vast detection range to accommodate critical use cases in urban, suburban, and highway scenarios.


It's no longer a secret. Canon is increasing its product range in virtual reality (VR) with the business set to display its all-new display VR and imaging technology at CES to complement the earlier introduced lenses. To showcase the technologies' potential, Canon will offer a 3-minute VR game based on the film, Knock on the Cabin, where attendees can experience a fully immersive experience with the characters, objects, and environment. 

The four solutions of Canon's future-forward product roadmap, which includes everything from next-generation camera technology to immersive experiences with the NBA and much more, will also be introduced. 

Many businesses will present their VR/AR or XR headset options. This includes Apple, Panasonic, Samsung, and HTC. Additionally, expect Chinese manufacturers Pico and Pancake XR to spread into Western markets.

And let's not forget the good ol' metaverse. Sure, the industry hasn't had the best of years but that's not to say it's all doom and gloom for what's next. Expect a range of of forward-thinking inventors at CES 2023 presenting innovations that will realise their metaverse dreams.

Digital Health

Imagine a world where people worry less about illnesses. Well, how about "eliminating" heart attacks and strokes? That's exactly what Japanese company Omron will disclose in their "Going for Zero" program. Omron's solution is based on a blood pressure monitor with ECG technology intended to identify early cardiac problems and allow remote patient monitoring.

Expect to see how big data and artificial intelligence (AI) will serve as extremely effective tools in the realm of preventative care for both patients and medical professionals alike.

Additionally, when it comes to interpreting surroundings, people rely on their senses. As such, it makes sense that sensors are integral components of smart health technologies. Bosch will set the standards in showcasing how everyday companions, such as hearables and wearables, enable users to "hear" and "see" their surroundings for a better lifestyle.

The company will also make its first-ever public debut at CES of a ground-breaking air quality assessment solution created to provide users with a clean breath. 

Also, expect to see the latest reveal by the maker of several hugely popular fitness watches, Garmin. 

Closing words

Whether you attend in person or online, no doubt CES 2023 will be huge. Across numerous sites, more than 2,000 tech companies will be teasing their products. And who knows, like we've seen before, many of whom will keep a few surprises for the event itself. In any case, Interesting Engineering will be there for you (we've got you!), so be sure to keep up with our coverage of CES 2023 in the coming days. 

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