This Motorized Storage Rack Lets You Beautify, Declutter, and Modernize Your Home

This vertical storage space allows you to safely and efficiently store your belongings on an attractive, modern-looking rack.
Jordan MacAvoy

If you have ever struggled to find space to put your extra belongings, you've probably considered the empty space above your garage. However, getting boxes up and down from that storage space can be extremely difficult and even dangerous. The space is usually narrow and poorly lit, so climbing a ladder into it can be dangerous.

But LFK Engineering has a bold, safe, and effective solution to this problem. The Auxx-Lift Motorized Storage Rack is a vertically ascending garage storage space that allows you to safely and easily store between 400 and 600 lbs. without forcing you to climb a ladder. This completely eliminates the need for crowded, unsafe and ugly garage storage spaces that are common in old houses.

Beautify, declutter and modernize your home with this durable C-Channel heavy-duty storage rack. The lightweight Auxx-Lift is made from industrial steel and has four connection points to the ceiling to maximize safety. The rack is lifted by two 1/2 horsepower 50-Torque motors and is controlled via a wireless remote that fits on a keychain. The lift can be set up in any garage, and it can extend to 13 feet below the ceiling. The rack has been tested with a 1600 lbs. load, so you can be sure of its quality.


Because the lifts operate vertically, they can be installed perfectly side by side, maximizing the amount of space available for storage. The installation space takes up roughly 5 square feet, including two rollers and two strut channels. Installation can be performed entirely DIY as the components come pre-fabricated and assembly is quick and simple, and the motors can be run safely on a standard electrical grid with no special wiring requirements.

Source: LFK Engineering/Kickstarter

Not only does the Auxx-Lift offer an efficient storage solution, it also has an aesthetic design that makes it more attractive than traditional storage. If you order before January 31, 2018, the lift will come with a free silver finish, adding that much more value to the look and feel of your space. 

Source: LFK Engineering/Kickstarter

All lifts are engineered and assembled in America. The Auxx-Lift comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and a 3-year warranty. Currently on sale, one Auxx-Lift 1400 (400 lbs) is $829 while an Auxx-Lift 1600 (600 lbs) is $989.

Via: Auxx-Lift

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