This New Droid Has Star Wars Fans Freaking Out

Meet BB-9E, the newest droid to be featured in the latest Star Wars installment. However, unlike its other metallic counterparts, BB-9E isn't on the side of the heroes.
Shelby Rogers

Thanks to Disney marketing and Sphero toys, Star Wars fans know exactly what the latest droid looks like. And it's adorably evil. 

Meet BB-9E, a droid bearing a significant resemblance to the beloved BB-8 from Star Wars: The Force Awakens. However, the black and gray droid certainly won't be fighting for the Resistance or at Poe Dameron's side. Disney and robotics company Sphero hint that BB-9E will in many ways be the evil counterpart to the cheerful orange and white BB-8.

The announcement comes in addition to Sphero's release of an R2-D2 unit as well. However, the Internet's attention has been firmly fixated on figuring out what this new droid can really do. Sphero's description doesn't give us too many clues into BB-9E talents or history. Here's what we know: 

"There’s a new disturbance in the Force. BB-9E™ is a menacing astromech droid of the First Order. Control your BB-9E App-Enabled Droid with your smart device or watch it patrol on its own. BB-9E houses sophisticated tech, allowing it to roll and move his dome just like on-screen, and its strong exterior allows the First Order droid to weather any battle. This vigilant and intimidating droid is always on high alert.

"BB-9E specializes in keeping starships and machinery fully operational with its many features. Keep BB-9E sharp with the augmented reality Droid Trainer and explore holographic simulations from the Star Wars™ galaxy. Watch BB-9E interact with other Star Wars App-Enabled Droids by Sphero, and view films from the Star Wars saga with BB-9E reacting by your side. This is NOT the droid you’re looking for… it’s the droid that’s looking for you."

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Want your own evil droid to roll around? Maybe you've already got Sphero's BB-8 droid, and you think it needs a companion. Sphero is selling each BB-9E unit for $149.99, and the droids come in Sphero's signature sleek casing. One of the biggest features of the new unit is that it comes with droid-to-droid interaction. The company intends for users to have BB-8 and BB-9E rolling around side by side, which seems to imply that the two droids sharing screen time could be a very real possibility. 

To see more of the Sphero units features, check out the video below. (Brilliant advert, by the way, Sphero. It feels like a small-scale Star Wars scene.)

BB-9E Almost Broke the Internet

Star Wars: The Last Jedi is fast approaching. However, not everyone (this writer included) is patient enough to wait until December for the release. Here's an accurate representation of how the internet responded when Disney debuted BB-9E:

This New Droid Has Star Wars Fans Freaking Out
Source: Lucasfilm via PopKey


And the reactions on Twitter just spiraled like crazy. Here are some of our favorites: 



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