This New Kickstarter Project Lets You Exercise without Leaving Your Desk

Deskcise Pro is an integration of a standing desk and an exercise bike that lets users maintain an active lifestyle even while working. The device can be found on Kickstarter and will retail for nearly $500 USD.
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We all know the health dangers of living a sedentary lifestyle. Sitting all day long often leads to obesity, increased blood pressure and sugar levels, abnormal cholesterol levels and increased risk of death from cardiovascular disease. Global obesity has doubled in the last 30 years, and nearly 2 billion adults around the world are overweight according to the World Health Organization

It's largely due to these health concerns and a rise in returning to healthier lifestyles that we've seen a spike in innovative new gym equipment. And, given the western world's obsession with multitasking and busy schedules, sit-stand desks and portable exercise equipment have become incredibly popular. 

However, one California-based company took the idea of an "active desk" and made it even more integrated. The Flexispot helps the desk-bound workers of the world by giving them the chance to stretch their legs without ever leaving their desks. The Flexispot combines a standing desk and an exercise bike together in a single unit. 

Deskcise Pro
Source: FlexiSpot

The Deskcise Pro is designed to introduce exercise into a normal workday to keep the body moving rather than in a resting mode. Unlike other sit-stand solutions, Deskcise Pro is designed from the ground up. Setting up this ergonomic desk-chair-exercise bike takes only a minute and requires no extra tools or assembly process. 

In contrast to the handlebars on a conventional exercise bike, it has a desktop panel of 35inches x 23.2 inches in size, which can be adjusted in all four directions. The seat is also adjustable and can be raised or lowered using a pneumatic lever to suit users between 5.08ft and 6.17ft (155 to 188cm). By moving the seat forward or backward, users can choose cycle or standing desk configuration easily. The bike can handle a weight of up to 300 pounds (136 kilograms) and is easy to move around different rooms with the help of caster wheels that swivel 360 degrees. These wheels lock in place during cycling with the help of gravity sensor wheel locks.

Deskcise Pro
Source: FlexiSpot

The bike comes with eight different resistance levels for pedaling. Users can choose from light activity to intense workout and keep an active and healthier lifestyle even while working on a laptop.


The Deskcise is designed for all ages, but it offers unique benefits for each age group. Deskcise Pro gives kids an outlet to burn off excess energy. Much like fidget spinners, it can also help children better focus on a task at hand in busy, multi-sensory environments.


The desk bike is also perfect for older people as well. The bike is gentle on joints, making it excellent low-impact exercise. 

FlexiSpot started a fundraising campaign for Deskcise Pro on Kickstarter and Indiegogo to bring the bike to production. The company has estimated the delivery in November 2017, and interested buyers can donate to the campaign to pre-order the bike. The retail price of Deskcise Pro is $499, however, first 30 backers of the bike can get one for $299 donation.


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