This One-Person eVTOL Could Soon Be Your Exclusive Mode of Transportation

iFLY flies through the use of eight propellers and eight electric motors that run on batteries.
Loukia Papadopoulos

Imagine having your own eVTOL right in your driveway waiting to take you anywhere you want to go at the push of a button. That might seem like the stuff of science fiction but air mobility startup NeXt is producing just such a vehicle.

"iFLY is an all-new, all-electric vertical takeoff and landing personal air vehicle created for safe, convenient and planet-friendly transportation," writes NeXt on their website.

"If you ask anyone what superpower they wish they had, the ability to fly ranks right up there at the top of the list and it’s one of the oldest and most enduring human aspirations. iFLY takes flying to new heights by making it simple and safe for everyone."

And the firm is not kidding. iFLY works by using an intuitive mobile companion app where you simply tap a map to select a destination landing site using the touchscreen on a iOS or Android mobile device. The device forgoes the need for a pilot. It simply gets you to your desired destination on its own.

NeXt is therefore currently exploring the possibility of qualifying iFLY as a Powered Ultralight with the FAA in order to be able to fly the vehicle without a pilot license. iFLY flies through the use of eight propellers and eight electric motors that run on batteries. Aside from that, it's also equipped with a comfortable passenger compartment. 

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NeXt has built their eVTOL to be extremely safe. The vehicle calculates what safe distances it can travel and lands prematurely in a safe destination if its battery power is not enough. The eVTOL will also be "provided with a ballistic parachute that automatically deploys in the event of an emergency."

NeXt was just recently awarded a patent for its iFLY and is now looking for investors. We wish the team luck as we hope to see one of these bad boys in our driveway soon!

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