This Portable Device Helps Detect Mental Disorders

The device is said to also help release both trauma and stress and can be used at home.
Loukia Papadopoulos

When it comes to Alzheimer's, dementia, and other neuropsychiatric disorders including depression, early detection is key. Unfortunately, since most detection requires monitoring from healthcare professionals, that process can often be complicated which causes it to be delayed. 


Brain mapping and therapy

iMediSync, a biotech startup that is developing an AI-driven early detection and therapeutic platform for brain health, is showcasing at CES 2021 an EEG (electroencephalogram) brain mapping and LED-therapeutic device called iSyncWave.

iSyncWave is gel-free, portable, and works with a mobile application that connects to iMediSync’s cloud platform allowing patients to immediately share their EEG data with health care and mental healthcare professionals. This allows monitoring and diagnosis to be made from the comfort of the patient's home rather than forcing the patient to visit a healthcare facility.

iSyncWave also provides treatment allowing the LED photo-biomodulators (consisting of a neuromodulating device using near-infrared light) in the device to help heal the brain when necessary. The apparatus' LED therapy works by enhancing neural activity, optimizing a person’s brain, claims iMediSync.

More info required

iMediSync also claims it is able to screen with more than 90% accuracy the likelihood of a person progressing into full-blown Alzheimer’s up to 10 years before a conventional diagnosis can be made. The firm, however, does not provide much information on how the EEG diagnosis and the LED therapy work.

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The company's website does indicate that the device tracks the following indicators: memory decline, attention deficiency,
impulsivity, depressive mood, post-traumatic / post-anesthetic / post-chemotherapeutic cognitive impairment, and PTSD, all of which can lead to neuropsychiatric disorders. The device is said to also help release both trauma and stress.

Although it sounds very exciting, more details will be needed to trust its brain healing and stress and trauma relieving properties. We can see how the device would measure EEG waves. That is a more straightforward process. But healing the brain and its disorders is a lot more complicated. Still, we are excited to be seeing this device at CES 2021, where hopefully, more information will be available.

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