This Smartwatch Protects Your Grandparents From Falling

The SIM-based wearable monitors the health of senior citizens and detects falls after analyzing personal data.
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Created: 7/24/2020
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Smart wearables are capable of much more than tracking steps and heart rate. The latest device from Israeli Medtech startup Owlytics is the perfect case in point: a special implementation of its eponymous wearable has been designed to monitor the health of senior citizens and specifically to detect falls. While a watch can’t prevent people from falling and injuring themselves, it can rapidly alert carers, and is thus a potential life-saver. 

Smartwatch wearers have become accustomed to the devices strapped to their wrist providing early alert of incidents ranging from heart palpitations to high stress. The custom Owlytics device for senior citizens goes further still, providing “continuous daily fall risk assessment and identifying early warnings of health deterioration.”

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