This Software Offers Engineers Instant 3D Simulation and Modeling

ANSYS software Discovery Live is being used to design modern and safe products such as architectural stairways and cable railing systems.
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Created: 6/10/2019

As an engineer, one of your biggest challenges during your career centers around taking that "idea", those early sketches, and bringing them into product production.

Let's face it, the path needed to bring an idea into fruition can be time-consuming, expensive, and even a bit risky. You want to build something that has a focused value, that lasts, and that is safe. Not to mention, if you want to build something of this caliber, there is a good amount of testing involved.  

The minds at ANSYS understand this tremendously and have made it their mission to put the power of simulation in the hands of engineers everywhere. Their product ANSYS® Discovery Live™ offers engineers the opportunity to model and simulate even their wildest ideas.

This complete design and modeling software solution is revolutionizing product engineering, offering engineers the opportunity to take their ideas and simulate them in real-time quickly and at almost no cost.


Discovery Live offers instantaneous 3D modeling seamlessly paired with direct geometry modeling to give engineers interactive design exploration and rapid product innovation.

Discover Your Idea's Potential

There are a host of capabilities at your fingertips when using Discovery Live. What can you do with this intuitive, easy to use program? Take your model and see the instant stress distribution data, regardless of your model's complexity. Instantly test the thermal performance of your model and its strength even while changing the geometry's characteristics.

With the program, designers and engineers are able to create more efficient designs, speed prototyping, and decrease product development costs.  

Discovery Live is trusted by professionals in organizations of all sizes looking to test out and perfect products before production. Here's an example.

ANSYS Helps Keuka Studios Take the Right Steps towards their Vision

A former design engineer at Xerox, Dan White wanted to take his artistic vision and expand beyond just the realms of high-volume manufacturing. His passion would lead him to go on to create Keuka Studios, a company that specializes in modern architectural stairs and railing systems, primarily, cable rail, with an emphasis on design and workmanship.

This Software Offers Engineers Instant 3D Simulation and Modeling
Source: Keuka Style cable railing- Medicine Lodge, KS

However, aside from creating designs that would blow the minds of both his competition and his customers, White wanted to ensure that the stairs that he would design were safe. White knew ANSYS had the products for the job, was eventually introduced to ANSYS Discovery SpaceClaim 3D Modeling Software.

Constructing 3D models for Keuka Studio's stairs became easy with the ability to simply manipulate the design, fit, and function of the models with ease.

This Software Offers Engineers Instant 3D Simulation and Modeling
Stair stingers before and after using ANSYS Discovery Live. Source: Keuka Studios via ANSYS

“We make a drawing and design, and go back and forth with the customer many times to get it right and then build it, it’s like a prototype, but it’s got to work right out of the chute,” said White.

Keuka Style Spiral Drawing
Keuka Style Spiral Drawing

"The company doesn’t do multiple prototypes like in the mechanical design world. It’s got to be “one and done. We can’t afford to make mistakes.”

Keuka Studios Builds Strong and Beautiful Pieces with Discovery Live

White needed to find a way to merge the aesthetic demands of both his vision and of the clients' while maintaining the structural integrity and engineering integrity of Keuka Studio's stairs. To merge this idea of "beauty and strength," White tapped into the power of ANSYS’ newest product, called Discovery Live.

This Software Offers Engineers Instant 3D Simulation and Modeling
Stress distributions in Discover Live

Discovery Live allowed White and his team to simulate complex shapes and geometries without compromising the integrity of his designs both quickly and easily.

“The initial learning to set up a problem and run it was achievable in a few minutes,” added the Keuka Studio's founder. 

This Software Offers Engineers Instant 3D Simulation and Modeling
Source: Keuka Studios via ANSYS

ANSYS software simulations behave like real-world parts; not only giving White and his team the ability to try new designs for clients but the software highlighted areas that they were "overdesigning" and eventually, helping the team save money in the long term. 

"It has given us the confidence to try more complex designs and reduce costs by optimizing designs more."

“Now I can build a product and rest assured that it will be safe,” said White. "[With ANSYS Discovery Live] you’ve got direction on what’s going to work and you build your product based on that.”

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