This Super Measuring Tape with Built-in Pencil Lets You Mark as You Measure

QuickDraw is a self-marking measuring tape that’s optimally designed for accurate and convenient marking.
Kashyap Vyas

Did you ever think how efficient you would have been while measuring if your tape had a marking pen in-built? Innovators at QuickDraw not only just thought, but also came up with this self-marking measuring tape.

QuickDraw is a 25 feet measuring tape with a graphite roller which marks the surface you are measuring. It is very convenient to use and saves a lot of time.

The product is easy-to-use. You simply pull out the tape and put it on the surface or object you intend to measure. The tape has red marks lined up its length to help you know the position of the mark.

Just move the tape to either left or right once you reach the marking spot and voila, you marked the surface without using any pencil. The bottom of the tape is fitted with a graphite roller, which tracks a straight line whenever you want and wherever you want. Simply drag the tape and you are done.

QuickDraw doesn't only feature the marker, but it is optimally designed for accurate and convenient marking. The front of the tape is studded with a wedge-shaped TruView indicator. This indicator eliminates parallax effect and lets you mark the surface at the same point you wanted to.

The rubber brake lock on the top is designed for the more cautious lot. It locks the tape at any position you want and saves you the trouble of remembering the measurement. It also comes handy when you intend to mark the same measurement repetitively at different places.

The tape employs 9mm 4D graphite leads which can mark kinds of wood surface and some other common materials as well. The graphite lead lasts more than 1000 marks. It can be refilled easily by inserting leads into the refill space on the top.

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The extended functionalities of the self-marking measuring tape can be further extended by adding a radius tip to it. The idea is to use the marking feature of the tape to draw curved lines, circles, and arcs in addition to the straight line.


The hook can also be used as a radius tip, but for greater accuracy, it is advisable to add a radius tip to it.

Apart from its innovative marking, the tape is also tough and durable. For the skeptics out there, this product is not a gimmick, but an innovative hand tool. It is ruggedly constructed with a good aesthetic design.

The tape is fit to be used at home as well as heavy-duty sites owing to its superior build quality. The tape features nylon-coated blade for. It has three-rivet end hook, which allows rounded markings. It also includes a strong belt clip for portability.

As compared to a wide variety of measuring tapes available, QuickDraw self-marking tape seems to hold an advantage. It is as good as any tough tape out there and also hosts a useful functionality.

The marking tool is accurate and easy-to-use. It can be a good gift for yourself or for one of your DIY-enthusiast friend.

Via: QuickDraw

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