This Superbike Concept Shapeshifts Into a More Aerodynamic Model

It's made for high speeds and for showing off!
Loukia Papadopoulos

In the past, we have brought you Lazzarini Design Studio's mega yacht concept, Prodigium. The King of the Seas, as it's also known, was shaped like a giant shark and spanned a whopping 501 feet (153 meters) long.

Inspired by Roman architecture, Prodigium was equipped with Roman statues and two columns that supported its upper deck, an impressive and unique design. Now, the same studio that brought you this marvel of the seas has produced a superbike concept called Hypercycle that is bound to grab your attention.

The new motorcycle is red, grey, white, and gold, making it fit to be a transformer, and it is also shapeshifting. It boasts an extendable rear wheel section with an independent horizontally aligned wishbone suspension.

This means it can be stretched out to seem longer. Lazzarini does not cite any specifications so we don't know how much longer it becomes but they do provide a cool image that showcases the bike's shape.

This Superbike Concept Shapeshifts Into a More Aerodynamic Model
Source: Lazzarini Design Studio

It also features a cool and sleek streamlined shape and big chunky tires that can clearly support a lot of weight at fast speeds. Is it a race track bike? or a drag racer? It's hard to tell as the vehicle could fall into both these categories.

Whatever it is it is clear that this superbike was made for high-speeds and showing off. We can't help but notice how the golden alloy wheels match perfectly with the suspension giving the bike an ultra-luxurious feel. 

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It also comes with some mean headlights that say: I am here for the adrenaline rush! Can't you just feel how fast and smooth it can go? 

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