This Tiny Portable Device Measures and Analyzes Your Body Compositions

RIDM is the world's first portable bio-electrical impedance analysis (BIA) device that lets you understand your body on the go.
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Created: 7/19/2018

Getting fit and healthy is a priority for almost everyone. But understanding your own body is surprisingly complex, with measurement and personal analysis often expensive and generally impersonal.

A group of talented developers and product designers thought there had to be a better way to track personal health and came together to invent RIDM.

Source: RIDM

RIDM is the world's first portable bio-electrical impedance analysis (BIA) device. This palm-sized device has measurement accuracy equivalent to professional-grade InBody machines without the gym membership cost. 

RIDM is accessible and personable to everyone. Your weight isn’t a good reflection of your health and tracking just kilograms won’t help you to get to your fitness goals. 

Source: RIDM

Body fat percentage a better health indicator than weight

Among other data, RIDM measures your body’s percentage of body fat which allows an inside view of your body’s makeup that gives a much more accurate view of the fitness related changes inside your body.

For many years people interested in getting data on body fat and body mass turned to InBody machines, the industry leader in BIA measurement. 

However, individual machines cost as much as $5000 USD or upwards of $40 per visit making ongoing use out of reach for most. Bio-electrical impedance analysis works by measuring body water by gauging the electrical resistance of a current through body tissue. 

Source: RIDM

Personal BIA devices have appeared on the market, but they were very inaccurate with body fat readings that varied wildly with each use. In testing, RIDM was a 94% match with the DEXA index, which is currently the most accurate body composition analysis method in the world. InBody developed its high-level of accuracy by developing segmental analysis and multi-frequency measurement which gives a highly accurate understanding of the human body. 

RIDM brings expert accuracy into the palm of your hand

RIDM is the first consumer product to bring this technology to a wider audience. RIDM’s segmental analysis accounts for imbalances in the body including the right/left side and upper/lower body. 

RIDM can perform scans across five cross-sections of the body for highly precise and a more holistic analysis. Often consumer BIA measurements lack accuracy due to fluid buildup or edema in a users body. 

Source: RIDM

RIDM overcome this problem by using multi-frequency measurements, which gives it the ability to gauge both extracellular and intracellular water mass. RIDM utilizes five different frequencies to alleviate discrepancies due to hydration levels. 

RIDM comes with a companion app that offers insights into your measurements. Users are able to track fitness achievements in one screen while receiving a comprehensive overview of their body composition. 

Achieve your fitness goals wherever you are

RIDM gives you more than just basic weight and body mass data, this lightweight device can also give insights into body imbalances, dry lean mass, basal metabolic rate & visceral fat. Whether you want to lose weight, build muscle mass or just understand your body more accurately, RIDM can be carried with you everywhere for data on the go. 

Source: RIDM

The device is portable and easy to use wherever you are and has a great designed hook for storing within easy reach. RIDM is making its debut via Kickstarter. Get the benefits of understanding your body now, but act quickly as early bird discounts are limited.