This Underwater Exploration Drone Wins the CES 2018 Innovation Award

FIFISH P3 is one of the most advanced underwater drones, providing high-res recording at depths of up to 100 meters.
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QYSEA is honored with the CES 2018 Innovation Award for its flagship product P3, the first truly professional underwater robot. The product takes the underwater drone exploration standards to a whole new level.

The emerging market for underwater drones is already gaining a momentum with drones like BIKI and Gladius. FIFISH P3 from QYSEA Technology Co. Ltd. is another entry to the list that claims to be the first truly professional underwater drone, capable of recording high-quality video and photography at depths up to 100 meters. However, it is different in many ways compared to other underwater photography platforms. From the robust industrial design to superior hydrodynamic performance, P3 has certainly set the bar for underwater drones.

The remotely controlled P3 makes use of a 20 Megapixel CMOS sensor, 4-times bigger than typical underwater camera sensors. The robot is equipped with an ultra-wide 162o field-of-view, along with a 4000-Lumen lighting capability designed specifically for underwater environments. The system is capable of capturing details even in the darkest of environments, with a maximum ISO of 12800 and enhanced contrast. This enables true cinematic quality video experience even in low lights. The P3 also delivers excellent image capture and glitch-free live streaming in 1080P @30fps or 720P @30fps utilizing 2.4GHz transmission.

This Underwater Exploration Drone Wins the CES 2018 Innovation Award
Source: QYSEA

FIFISH P3 is also brilliant in terms of performance over other underwater drones. The advanced hand-held control unit is compatible with smartphones and tablets up to 7.9”, and enables seamless control in 6 movement directions with the help of ultra-sensitive controls and 8 adjustable light levels. P3 is powered by 3 thrusters that provide the speed of 1.5m/sec. With 2 hours of underwater operating time on a single charge, it essentially allows more video capture time and long dives. The device is tested rigorously for thermal shocks, temperature variations, pressure loads and depth stress, making it one of the most robust underwater drones available on the market today.

“As drone technology has improved along with better and smaller 4K sport camera systems, we saw that there simply wasn’t a quality option for remote underwater filming. As divers and video enthusiasts ourselves, we knew we could build a better system, a totally revolutionary platform with performance that would be suitable for consumers as well as professionals alike. The result is the P3, the perfect vehicle to capture epic moments underwater,”  says Belinda Zhang, CEO.


A nice day set out to the sea. #FIFISHP3

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FIFISH is an underwater drone product of Shenzen QYSEA Technology Co. Ltd. The company is dedicated to developing superior quality underwater drones for divers, professional underwater photographers, and skilled hobbyists.

 FIFISH will be displayed at CES 2018, running from Jan 9-12, 2018, in Las Vegas, Nevada. The company’s flagship product P3 is also planned to be launched on Indiegogo on 16th this month. Potential buyers can also register for updates from the company’s website. The special pre-order price, however, is expected to be around US $2,999.


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