This Vision-Powered Carry-on Luggage Can Follow Alongside You

The Ovis suitcase can follow along beside you thanks to its A.I and computer vision technology.
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Created: 6/11/2018

More and more of us are traveling all the time for work as distances become smaller thanks to massive leaps in technology. So why shouldn’t your luggage follow suit? 

The Ovis suitcase can follow along beside you thanks to its AI and computer vision technology.

ForwardX Robotics have completely rethought the idea of carry-on luggage. The forward-thinking self-driving vehicle company is proud to present Ovis, the world's first computer vision powered auto-follow smart carry on luggage. 

Ovis is a groundbreaking piece of technology that will change the way you travel. It is an all-in-one AI travel companion that perfectly embodies the cutting-edge computer vision and route projection technology developed by ForwardX.

Your luggage can follow you wherever you go

The most brilliant of Ovis's incredible range of features is its “Side Follow” function. This never-before-seen feature means your suitcase will follow you autonomously by your side as you walk through hotels and down city streets. 

"It’s the first time a suitcase has been implanted with a pair of eyes and brain."

Nicolas Chee, CEO of ForwardX Robotics describes the technology saying: “It’s the first time a suitcase has been implanted with a pair of eyes and brain. 

When a wheeled gadget meets computer vision, as we’re introducing with Ovis and its Side Follow feature, we’ve empowered it with the intelligence and cognition to tackle the complex problem of not just following, but predicting your path, while avoiding obstacles.” 

When in ‘Side Mode’, Ovis will follow along your side, using its robotics intelligence to avoid obstacles and stay within a safe distance of you. If Ovis does get delayed a short alarm is sent to your smartphone or watch. 

Not having to worry about hauling or carrying your luggage means your hands are free to multi-task, enjoy a coffee or just use your attention to take in your journey. But Ovis is more than a clever autonomous companion. 

The bag is also a practical piece of luggage with a well-designed interior and its external dimensions are compliant with most international and domestic US carry-on requirements. Going through security with Ovis is also a breeze, its handy rechargeable battery is easily removable before bag scanning and its robust design using polypropylene and carbon fiber means it can handle life on the road. 

Practical and clever design makes traveling a pleasure

Traveling with Ovis is a pleasure, its removable battery doubles as a portable phone charging dock, while the bag also comes equipped with a GPS location tracker, smart alarm, and weight sensor. “We’re excited to be making Ovis available to busy travelers searching for a hands-free and stylish travel companion that can makes traveling a breeze,” said Chee. 

This Vision-Powered Carry-on Luggage Can Follow Alongside You
Via: ForwardX

ForwardX is backed by two global leading venture funds - CDH Fund and Eastern Bell Venture Capital. The emerging robotics company will continue to push boundaries in the fields of vision and auto-driving vehicles, whilst still continuing to break boundaries in the AI embedded consumer products. 

“Algorithms rapidly are evolving, but it’s common to put an emphasis into building AI into future products not-yet-ready for consumers. ForwardX on the other hand is a startup that’s capable of packaging the most advanced AI into practical products that customers want today,” said Mingyu Wang, Partner at CDH Fund. Pre-order your Ovis here.

Via: ForwardX

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