This Wireless Charging Pad Powers Up Your Devices Without the Sight of Messy Cables

The Plux wireless charging station quickly powers up your iPhone, Apple Watc, and AirPods without the cord tangle.
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Created: 8/29/2018

Smartphones, devices, and watches make our lives easier, more efficient and often more fun, but only when they are charged. With every device having a different charger, keeping track of what you need is frustrating and wasteful. 

The Plux wireless charging station aims to give you a fast charging and cord-free life. The sleekly designed pad lets you simultaneously charge your iPhone, Apple Watch & AirPods without needing to plug any of them in. 

This Wireless Charging Pad Powers Up Your Devices Without the Sight of Messy Cables
Source: Vinpok

Nightstand mode lets you continue to use your phone while it charges

Simply lay them across the pad and they will start charging quickly with up to 10W of power. You can also place Plux in its nightstand position to have your phone positioned at the best angle for Face ID. 

In this position, you can receive calls, text and other notifications. Plux also works with most phone cases, no need to remove your phone's protective gear, just sit your phone on Plux for quick and easy wireless charging. 

Plux has built in technology to prevent overheating, you can leave your devices to charge overnight with no worries. Wireless charging lets you charge your Apple products without needing to worry about having the right charging cord for the right model. 

Charge several devices without messy cables

Not only can you charge several devices at once, you can continue to use your phone in hands-free mode, so you can be sure you’ll have a fully charged battery at the end of the day. 

This Wireless Charging Pad Powers Up Your Devices Without the Sight of Messy Cables
Source: Vinpok

Don’t get caught without a well-charged phone or watch, use Plux wireless charging station to keep everything ready for when you need it most.

Not only does Plux wireless charging pad keep your devices safely and quickly charged, it also reduces clutter in your workspace or home. Have one place to charge your device using a single power point rather than insight power board and extension cords to get each of your devices charging up.

Plux wireless charging station is brought to you by Vinpok, an online technology retailer with a strong reputation for high-quality products and outstanding customer service. 

Vinpok offers cutting-edge Apple accessories

Vinpok has the leading accessories to augment your iPhone and other Apple products. It is comprised of a diverse excited team, dedicated to bringing the latest technology to you for the best possible price. 

Plux was funded through Indiegogo with more than 150K people pre-ordering the beautifully designer charger. You can order your own Plux wireless charging station now through the Vinpok website for $49.

Via: Vinpok

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